Are you in need of REST & RESTORATION after an oppressive and harmful relationship?
Or perhaps, you are a people helper who wants to be better equipped to support and care for those who have been?


He makes all things new! Isaiah 43:19

Join Us May 13-16, 2021

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Leslie Vernick

Leslie Vernick

Featured speaker, Leslie Vernick is a popular speaker, author, and licensed clinical social worker and relationship coach. She is the author of seven books, including the best selling, The Emotionally Destructive Relationship and her most recent The Emotionally Destructive Marriage.  Learn more at

Joy Forrest

Joy Forrest

Featuring Joy Forrest, founder and executive director of Called to Peace Ministries. Joy has been an advocate for victims of domestic violence since 1997, and is author of Called to Peace: A Survivor’s Guide to Finding Peace and Healing After Domestic Abuse and the Called to Peace Companion Workbook. Learn more about Joy HERE.


Leslie Vernick is joining with CTPM for this special women’s retreat aimed at offering hope and healing to survivors of abusive and destructive relationships. Learn ways to heal, build inner-strength, develop practical life-skills, and overall, be refreshed with an encouraging “pathway forward” vision for your life.


The primary focus of this conference is to support those impacted by harmful and abusive relationships; however, ministry leaders, friends, and family are welcome and encouraged to attend. Special breakout sessions to educate and equip will be available specifically for people helpers. In addition, women affiliated with the military will also have special breakout opportunities.


Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  The nearest airport is Asheville Regional Airport.  Walking trails, amazing views, paddleboarding & kayaking, and a pool. For more information, visit their website.  

Our God is the greatest healer!

He makes all things new! Isaiah 43:19

JOIN US MAY 13-16, 2021








LIMITED TICKETS ON SALE NOW for a special fundraising dinner during our 2021 Women’s Retreat this May! This dinner will benefit our emergency fund recipients, providing help with rent, utilities, medical expenses, trauma counseling, and more.

What can you expect?

~A special evening with Leslie Vernick and the CTPM staff.
~A plated 3 course chicken dinner (vegetarian & gluten-free options available).
~Book Signing!  Leslie Vernick and Joy Forrest will be available to sign your books.

We are working out more details to be announced in the future to make this a night to remember!
~We have plans for following COVID guidelines- this event will not be cancelled!~


Join us for four days and three nights in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina at Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center for a refreshing time of encouragement, fellowship, and healing!

Reserve your space by registering for the conference. We have several payment options available. The conference fee covers workshops, 5 meals, conference speakers, “path forward” coaching plans, resources, and more.
Conference Fee*: $200 (until March 31, 2021), then $300 (until we reach full capacity May 2021). Additional lodging cost is $20-125/night depending on room selection and number of roommates.

When you register for the conference you can pay the full amount or select a payment plan for the conference fee. If you need to make other arrangements for your payment, email for assistance. For questions about the conference and volunteer opportunities email We understand that finances are often an issue for some. We are able to provide payment plans or scholarships as needed.

*$50 of the initial fee is non-refundable, but registrations can be transferred. We will attempt to assist you if you need to transfer your reservation, but we can make no guarantees the closer we get to the conference.


Room accommodations are paid directly to Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center. (Phone: 1-800-222-4930)  Before you call to make reservations, decide who your roommate(s) will be. To find a roommate for the conference, post a request in the Called to Peace Ministries Retreat Facebook group.  You will be added to this group after you register.  When calling for reservations, ask for the Called to Peace Ministries Women’s Retreat.  The resort staff will describe the accommodations and costs.  Lodging is $20-125/night depending on room selection and number of roommates.

$50 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot. Conference fee payments can be paid in one lump sum or broken down into several payments. Lodging cost will be collected separately by the Retreat Center.

When you register for the retreat, you will be sent a private page with the retreat facility and instructions on how to select and reserve your room. For questions, please refer to the FAQ’s below or/and email Priscilla at

Retreat FAQ’s

I’m a ministry leader, should I come?

Yes, you are welcome and we have a place for you! CTPM exists to partner with others to best serve those who have been impacted by domestic abuse.  We will have special breakout sessions for people helpers including advocacy, how to lead a support group, and how to better educate your church about domestic abuse.

I've never experienced physical abuse. Is this retreat for me?

Yes!  All forms of abuse (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual, isolation, financial, etc) are traumatic to experience.  Even children who observe abuse of their mother experience the same trauma even if it is not directed specifically at them.  Healing is available and that is why this retreat exists.

Can you explain the conference and lodging costs?

There are 2 parts to payment:

  • The conference fee paid to CTPM will reserve your spot for the Women’s retreat. The conference fee will gradually increase so we recommend that you register sooner than later. Conference Fee: $200 (early bird till Mar 31, 2021), or $300 (till we reach full capacity May 2021). Please note: there is a $50 non-refundable conference fee due to administrative costs/planning, though you can transfer your spot to someone or donate the deposit for a scholarship for a survivor.
  • The lodging fee will be paid directly to Lake Junaluska Retreat Center when you call to reserve your room. You will have the option of putting a deposit down or to pay in full. Rates vary  $20-125/night depending on number of roommates and on your room selection. It’s important that you have your roommates selected prior to reserving your room. (Check out FAQ on roommates) Remember you must call Lake Junaluska directly at (800-222-4930) and tell them you are with Called to Peace Ministries Women’s Retreat to reserve your lodging. (Do not make lodging reservations online)

For further questions please email Priscilla at

What should I pack?

We recommend that you check the weather before packing, and overall be prepared for both warm and cooler weather as the mountains can get cool at night. Bring comfortable clothes and walking shoes for the walking trials. Don’t forget your swim suit if you plan to go swimming, kayaking, or paddle boarding. Possibly bring one nice outfit for your free-time and dinner on Saturday. In addition, don’t forget your toiletries, daily medications, tech chargers, money for extra meals (Thursday dinner and Saturday lunch/dinner) Bible, and notepad. 

When do we sign up for break-out sessions?

Break-out sessions are still in the works and you’ll be able to sign up from the private members’ page. There will be a variety of helpful break-outs for those who have been impacted by domestic abuse and also some options for people helpers who desire to be better equipped to serve in this area. We also plan to have military ministry leaders to offer special break-outs aimed at serving military families.  We will be adding these breakout session info below this FAQ, so scroll down for more details!

What about COVID?

Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center will keep us posted on possible COVID rules and regulations. We do not foresee cancelling the event but may have to social distance.

Will the sessions go online?

We plan on recording main sessions and break-outs and you can purchase online only tickets HERE

I can’t afford the single room price; how can I find a roommate?

We encourage everyone to spread the word and invite others to attend this women’s retreat. The main retreat focus is to encourage and support those who have been directly impacted by abusive and destructive relationships. This retreat also can potentially benefit any woman looking to grow in their faith and ministry development. If you are able, bring a friend, family member, or church women’s ministry leader or peer to room with you. Some women have come in groups from churches or from their communities. We understand that it may not be easy to find a roommate, and will continually try to connect ladies looking for roommates on the FACEBOOK private retreat page. Email Naomi at if you need access to the FB page.

Is there food available at the retreat center?

Yes!  Lake Junaluska has food options on campus and is about 15 minutes from a variety of food options. The Terrace Bistro is a restaurant onsite and there are also shops that have snacks and ice cream available on campus as well. 

The retreat package plan includes 5 meals including: Friday (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), Saturday (breakfast), and Sunday (breakfast).

FYI: On Thursday, May 13, 2021, dinner will be on your own. Check-in will begin at 3pm Thursday, and first main session is at 7pm. Ladies will be on their own for lunch and dinner on Saturday as we will have extended free-time Saturday afternoon to evening.  Sunday morning, we will have breakfast, followed by check-out, and a closing session.

What is there to do during free time at Lake Junaluska?

Check out the Lake Junaluska Retreat center things to do here. In addition, CTPM will have a prayer room open and for those interested in talking with someone, we will have appointments open for one-on-one counseling or coaching.

What is the Fundraising dinner on Saturday night?

CTPM will host a beautiful fundraiser dinner and Q&A with special guests Joy Forrest and Leslie Vernick on site Saturday night. LIMITED TICKETS ON SALE NOW and tickets proceeds will raise funds for important work at CTPM. 

Can my church or others sponsor me to attend the retreat?

Yes! We love to see churches and others send their loved ones to retreats and conferences that support healing. We never want finances to stop someone from receiving the help and support that is sometimes needed to process and move forward from surviving to thriving. If you have a retreat sponsor, have them sign you up directly putting your name in the comment box. Or they can  email Naomi at, letting her know they are sponsoring you, and she can assist with any other payment arrangements.

Where do I go to check-in?

Check-in will begin at 3pm at the Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center check-in office. Check-in will be available there until 7pm. After 7pm, you will need to check in at the Terrace main lobby. There is a 24-hour service desk there and also a CTPM info table. More details coming as we get closer!

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Email Naomi at to start the scholarship process.  We never want finances to prevent anyone from attending!


Leslie Vernick – “How people misuse the Bible to keep you afraid, confused, and controlled”.  (Everybody)

Sarah McDugal – “DISCERN: How to Recognize Abusive Systems”. This overview breakout session will teach you how to understand the one core mindset every abuser shares. How to be aware of the tools used by every abuser, regardless of context. And how to recognize both tangible and intangible forms of abuse. (Everybody)

Rebecca Davis – “Immanuel Approach Prayer Ministry to Help with the Healing of Trauma Wounds”.  Christian psychiatrist Dr. Karl Lehman developed the Immanuel Approach through years of counseling, study of the human brain and mind, practicing EMDR, applying other prayer ministries, and developing an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. He found, and describes in his book, that even those who haven’t been through many years of formal traditional counseling training can use this prayer ministry model with great success if they love Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit.  Rebecca Davis, author of the Untwisting Scriptures series, tells the story of her own discovery of prayer ministry and explains how Immanuel Approach prayer ministry helps to increase a person’s capacity for joy and capacity to process pain. This ministry can be used even in the most extreme cases of abuse, when a person’s soul has been fragmented into numerous “parts.” The wounds are many, the devices of the enemy are many, and the need for prayer ministers is great. But the prayer ministry process can also be very rewarding, as we see our great Healer, Jesus Christ, bring His beloved children to greater and greater healing, joy, and strength in Him.  (People Helper/Ministry Leader)

Dr. Debra Wingfield – “Abuser Alert-Red Flags: How to avoid another abusive relationship” Abusers use the four C’s (charming, cunning, conniving, and convincing) to entrap their victim to their web and take them hostage. Learn the red flags to watch out for when abusers spot their next victim to avoid being vulnerable to another abusive relationship. Gain the secrets to spotting a safe partner and building a solid, healthy relationship.  (Survivor)

Dr. Amy Bruton – “The Physical Effects of Abuse: Recognizing the signs and moving towards healing”.  The physical effects of emotional abuse are all too real, yet underrecognized. There is real measurable damage being done to the body as well as to the mind and the soul. Recognizing the physical signs of emotionally destructive relationships is the first step to managing the problems reeking havoc on your body. There are many holistic as well as traditional approaches that are helpful in the healing process. It is key however to focus on the whole person: mind, body and spirit in order to achieve healing. (Survivor)

Tabitha Westbrook – “Understanding and Managing Difficult Emotions”.  We are created in the image and likeness of God, and that includes our emotions. Sometimes, when we’ve experienced traumatic events, we either learn to discount our emotions completely or we learn to let them run every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we just don’t know what to do when stress hits and we feel overwhelmed. Our brains can feel like a scrambled egg! This session will help you understand your emotions, how to manage them when needed (or as I like to say, “how to deal with your feels”), and how-to de-stress when the going gets rough. Practical skills will be provided as part of this session and you will walk away with additional tools to help settle and renew your mind. (Survivor)

Liz Evans – “The ABC’s of Restorative Movement”.  So many of us live in our heads, playing the same records of self-doubt, filled with jarring notes of stress and anxiety. We are cut off from our bodies and stuck in fight or flight, frozen in chronic tension. Often we are not even aware of the insidious soundtrack of our lives, but our bodies are taking these messages in very deeply. Join Liz Evans of HandsOnBodyworks, to learn strategies to become aware of these stress patterns. Explore how to listen to your body and discover what it can tell you about your emotional health. Move with Liz as you take in these trauma-informed strategies for communicating with and calming the central nervous system with breath work, restorative movement, holistic self-care strategies and deep body awareness. Your body does not have to happen to you, let Liz teach you how to “happen” to your body.   (Survivor)

Renee Best – “Supporting your child through Trauma”.  What does support look like for a child that has experienced trauma. We will explore the role of the caregiver by providing education on the symptoms of trauma. Understanding trauma symptoms as well as any triggers that may surface as a result of your child’s trauma. In addition, we will provide tools and techniques to increase the efficacy of the caregiver’s role in supporting their child’s trauma. (Everybody)

Amanda Smith & Karianne Drury (Children’s’ Ministry Team). “Creating a Refreshing Rhythm in Your Home”.  How do I help my child grow their relationship with Jesus? 
Join us as we discuss different attainable ways to create a rhythm with you and your children. We will provide examples and practical tools to help cultivate a faith-filled rhythm. Also, we will make a beautiful leather bracelet and incorporate natural plant oils that are known to be calming and refreshing. An essential oils consultant will share how essential oils can help with calming and healing trauma. (Everyone)

Tiffany Lesnik (Lawyer & CTPM Board Member). “Writing an Ironclad Custody Order to Protect Yourself from the Narcissist”.  Are you in the middle of a custody case or about to start one and need tips on what to include in a custody order or what not to include in the custody order so that you and your children are safe? This class is taught by a family law attorney who has practiced in the areas of domestic violence and high conflict custody for over ten years. Learn ways to create language that provides loopholes for you and the children but tightens the grip for your narcissistic co-parent. (Everyone)

Debbie Hall – “Your New Start – Homebuying 101”. Do you have questions about purchasing a home? How much can I afford? Are there loan programs that offer financial assistance? Am I ready? Let me breakdown and simplify the process for you. I will share the proper steps that are necessary to get you ready to navigate the muddy waters of financing. (Survivor)

Allyson Dennen– “Building the Confidence You Need to Master Our Own Money”.  Allyson is a domestic violence survivor and an accredited financial counselor. She will teach you the most important financial moves to make before, during, and after divorce. She will also highlight some of the common pitfalls’ women tend to make with their money. You will leave feeling more confident in your next right steps no matter where you are in your money journey. (Survivor)

Nancy Knopp – “Spiritual Abuse in the Body of Christ”. Spiritual abuse in the ministry is happening more than we realize. How do we recognize the red flags, know what to do when its happening, and address it in the church. You will hear testimonies of women who overcame spiritual abuse, as well as helping someone overcome this kind of abuse in the church. (Everybody)

Katharine Ray & Susie Hornor (Church Domestic Violence Team). – “Building and Implementing a Domestic Abuse Care Team Within the Local Church”. A session that shows step-by-step how Faith Baptist Church in Youngsville, NC took one individual’s dream and made it into a 7-person Domestic Abuse Care Team that is actively dealing with the issue of DA within their local church body. From the initial planning meetings to the finalization of a DA Policy, training of advocates and provision of a Fall/Spring Bible Study Group. This Breakout session will give you a basic understanding and materials to assist you in developing a similar ministry within your church body. (People Helper/Ministry Leader)

Angie Allen – “Soul Care 101for the deaf and hearing-impaired community”.  Many of us have learned to care for the needs of everyone else while neglecting our own. Some of us feel guilty due to the abuse in our homes and many feel we don’t deserve to take care of ourselves. I want to give you permission to do the things your souls need and longs for. (Survivor/Deaf Community)

Muriel Gregory – “Come to the Well: Journey of a Military Wife”. Self-care is not selfish. In the presence of a loving God self-care is soul care. Come and learn the unforced rhythms of grace and the healing they bring. “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” Matthew 11:28-30 (MSG) (Military/Everyone)

Linda Sheimo & Olive Brank International Team. “Military Life, Love, and Mission”. Often times the military community becomes your family. How can you serve others, be served, and also join greater missions to help other military’s combat not just the challenges of international wars but also concerning the wars on the Homefront?  (Military/Everyone)

In addition, there will be some bonus courses on Basic Self Defense Tips and on a variety of Life Coaching topics. We look forward to seeing you in May!

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