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Biblically-Based Support Groups

After experiencing the pain of domestic abuse, women are often left in a spiral of trauma that can impact not only the rest of their lives, but also the lives of the next generation. They may have questions about their worth, their view of God, or feel stuck when it comes to processing the intense emotions (grief, anger, fear, shame, etc) surrounding the aftermath of abuse.

Called to Peace Ministries (CTPM) offers biblically- based support groups to those who have experienced abuse, trauma and intimate partner violence. These groups are offered both in-person and virtually, to help women find healing, hope, and peace through a compassionate group setting.
Under the guidance of a trained leader, the group utilizes Scripture and two of Joy Forrest’s books, Called to Peace and The Called to Peace Companion Workbook, to facilitate discussion focused on spiritual truths, love, forgiveness, identity, renewing the mind, and more. Our faith-based curriculum combines scriptural truth with education on the dynamics and impacts of domestic abuse and coercive control, as well as research-based practices for overcoming trauma.

The group support, combined with course material, reaffirms a woman’s identity in Christ and helps her regain agency in her life — to move forward as an overcomer.

“Tears filled our eyes every time our support group leader talked about the dynamics of abuse. We learned from God’s Word how to replace the lies that we believed with His truth that sets us free.”

~ Elizabeth