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Use your business to serve women coming out of domestic abuse or domestic violence while captivating customers and inspiring your employees.

Called to Peace Ministries will help you build a giving strategy that will encourage your employees and customers to join in — so they, too, can experience the joys of giving back!

How the Business for Good Partnership Works:

Choose Your Impact & Price Point

We help you decide the specific impact that your business wants to have within our organization, and an attainable price point for regular giving.

We Provide the Content

We provide you with compelling stories, images, and updated information that you can use to share with employees and customers, or for marketing purposes.

Options for Giving through Your Business

Donate a portion of your profits or proceeds to help support women in domestic abuse.

Example: You give 1% of your proceeds monthly to help start a new support group for 10 women

Connecting impact to every sale: when a sale or purchase is made, a woman is served.

Example: Every time you sell a bag of coffee, you help provide groceries for a women in need after domestic abuse

How to Display Your Business for Good Partnership

We provide these for your business, which you can edit for your own use.


  1. Our Called to Peace Ministries logo on your business website.
  2. Sample social media posts to show your business’s impact through giving.
  3. Graphics and pictures.
  4. Stories of impact and life change you can share with your customers.
  5. Information to include in emails that you send.
  6. Add a custom tagline on your business email signature to display the partnership.
  7. Add a custom graphic to a receipt to display the partnership.
  8. We will display your business on our website and social media channels.

“My firm, Safe Harbor Estate Law, is based on Psalms 107:30. We have the honor of leading people out of the storms of disability and death, and into safe harbor. I chose to support Called to Peace Ministries with my business because they partner with God to lead women out of harmful relationships and into peaceful, safe harbor. There is a critical need for all the services they provide, and I have personally benefited from their work. I highly recommend them as a resource and I am honored to support them through my business.”

Margaret Barrett, Attorney, Owner and Founder – Safe Harbor Estate Law