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Have you or someone you loved experienced the heartbreak of domestic abuse? Do you long to make a difference in overcoming this horrific epidemic? Will you join us as we take a moment to honor the lives of those who have been forever impacted by domestic abuse?

We invite you to an online Domestic Violence Awareness Candlelight Vigil, Honoring Victims & Overcomers of Domestic Abuse, on October 18, 2022, at 8 p.m. EDT. Featuring Leslie Vernick, Chris Moles, Joy Forrest, and courageous survivors of domestic abuse. 

Each story of domestic abuse deserves a moment, set apart to be honored in a time of recollection and commemoration. During our vigil we will offer a moment of silence as we light candles to honor those who have experienced the horror of domestic abuse – those who survived and those who did not. Let’s unite in prayer that our voices will make a difference and stop the grievous epidemic of domestic abuse.

Sign up below to share the name of a loved one you would like to honor during the vigil, and we will light a candle for them and read their name during the event.