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Church Partnership

Equipping Churches to effectively minister to families impacted by domestic abuse

Are you a church leader who desires to show the heart of God for the oppressed within your congregation? Do you want to protect the oppressed and urge oppressors to repent and transform? Although you see the goal, do you face challenges in implementing this practically?

For churches committed to providing a compassionate, comprehensive, and Christ-centered response to those suffering under oppression, we offer Education, Support, and Mentoring.

CTPM is available for you and your church as a ministry resource.

Contact Dan Boeck to learn how you can partner with us today!

As pastors,  how do we assess what’s really happening?
And what steps can be taken to support the oppressed in our church?
Called to Peace Ministries offers Christ-centered counsel for churches.

Dan Boeck is a trustworthy guide for pastors managing complex situations. I thank God for raising up this ministry.

Pastor Doug Corlew, Alta, Iowa

Become a Church Partner with Called to Peace Ministries.
We recommend churches begin with our Protect the Flock training.

The Protect the Flock training includes these elements:

    • Definitions and Dynamics of Coercive Control
    • Abuser Typologies
    • Warning Signs and Red Flags
    • Listening and Responding Well to Oppression
    • Common Mistakes Churches Make
    • Question and Answer Session
In an official Church Partnership, our team of Church Partnership Liaisons will guide your church through a process to implement various elements that reflect a church responding well.

The 5 Step Process includes:

    • Designating a point person to serve as a liaison between your church and the CTPM Church Partnership Team 
    • Developing a list of local resources for victims
    • Training advocates for your church
    • Developing a CTPM support group
    • Developing DA Policy and Procedures
    • Training leadership, including pastors, elders, deacons, staff, ministry leaders, etc
    • Starting a Crisis Response Team
    • Preaching and teaching on domestic abuse

“The Church has justifiably come under
criticism for its handling of domestic abuse.”

DANNY AKIN President,
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As a result of meeting with you [CTPM] and a few others, we were able to put forth a plan to help this family.”

Sovereign Grace Church, Apex