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Called To Peace Ministries

Called to Peace Ministries (CTPM) is a nondenominational, nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) ministry dedicated to offering hope and healing to victims of domestic violence, emotionally destructive relationships, and sexual assault.

Our twofold mission is:

  1.  to provide practical assistance and counsel to individuals affected by domestic abuse and  
  2. to educate organizations and helpers to better respond to these crises through education and mentoring.

    Disclaimer: CTPM provides education and resources to survivors of domestic abuse and educates people who desire to help them. In no way do we seek to be a substitute for the local church. Rather, our goal is to come alongside churches as they seek to support victims of abuse. We call on experts as we deem necessary from diverse professional disciplines and theological backgrounds to share expertise and solutions for survivors. Those invited to speak on issues of faith at our events agree with our statement of faith affirming historically essential doctrines of the Christian faith as set out in the Apostles Creed. 

    We allow for freedom of conscience in the nonessential doctrines such as divorce, remarriage, and male headship.

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    About the Book

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    Called To Peace ministries exists to provide a compassionate, comprehensive, and Christ-centered response to those impacted by domestic abuse.

    Practical Assistance

    Individuals affected by domestic abuse may experience many challenges, including: severe emotional distress and confusion, lack of effective counseling, and basic necessities, such as housing, employment, childcare and transportation.  Many choose to stay in abusive situations simply because of these limitations. Therefore, CTPM seeks to connect individuals with resources to bridge the gap from crisis to normalcy. We offer support groups and counseling to our clients.

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