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Church Partnership

Equipping Churches to effectively minister to families impacted by domestic abuse

For 24-hour help contact National Domestic Abuse Hotline

The Called to Peace Church Partnership Program
Provides Education, Support and Mentoring to Churches

  • Access to training links to past conferences.
  • Quarterly Training on Domestic Abuse for your church leadership
  • Free tickets to our biennial conference
  • Copies of the Called to Peace book, and a workbook to share with your congregation and counseling staff
  • One-on-one consulting for high-need cases each year (5-10 cases a year)
  • Pastoral Training
  • Trained Advocates to support difficult Domestic Abuse cases within the church
  • Discounted rates to our advocacy training

I’m interested in Becoming a
CTPM Church Partner:

To begin a CTPM Church Partnership, contact Jim Upchurch, our Church Partnership Liason & Advocate and he will help you assess your churches needs and give you more information.

To support, sustain, and enable CTPM to continue our work with churches and women, a monthly, quarterly, or annual partnership donation from your church is appreciated once we determine how we can best help you. We suggest giving levels from $100 to $500 per month depending on which areas of support would best serve your ministry needs.

“The Church has justifiably come under
criticism for its handling of domestic abuse.”

DANNY AKIN President,
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As a result of meeting with you [CTPM] and a few others, we were able to put forth a plan to help this family.”

Sovereign Grace Church, Apex

“You all were so helpful in pointing me to resources and then just being in the room.”

STEVEN WADE Pastor and Professor,
Faith Baptist Church & SEBTS

We know that church leaders want the best for their congregations, working and praying for healthy spirituality, relationships, and families. Sometimes, however, leaders may not have the training or experience on how to helpfully assess and enter into domestic abuse situations, which could result in potentially harmful effects and even risk the safety of victims.

CTPM is available for you and your church as a ministry resource. We can enter into the domestic abuse situation with you and help equip you with our expertise and biblical training. Experts now suggest that a community coordinated response is the best way to achieve a successful outcome when it comes to domestic abuse and coercive control.