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He Makes All
Things New

April 7-10, 2022

Ridgecrest Conference Center
Black Mountain, NC

He Makes All
Things New

April 7-10, 2022

Ridgecrest Conference Center
Black Mountain, NC

After the trauma of abuse, we may find ourselves feeling shattered and longing for love more than ever before.

Join Called to Peace Ministries for a weekend away to release the hidden places in your heart that are holding you back from fully resting in God’s love.

For Survivors


Our lineup of speakers will walk survivors through the process of what healing, restoration, and the building looks like in four key areas.

  1. Renewing the Mind
  2. Building Emotional Resilience
  3. Rediscovering Identity
  4. Restoration for the Soul

For People Helpers


Sessions for people helpers will be aimed at informing and equipping, gaining an understanding the dynamics of domestic abuse and coercive control, building a domestic abuse response team, and helping survivors heal.


Post-Retreat Access

If you cannot join us in-person this year, then you can also purchase access to on-demand recordings of the retreat after it concludes.

The post retreat access will include our five main speakers sessions and multiple breakouts that cover topics from understanding domestic abuse in the church, healing the mind and body after trauma, parenting traumatized children, understanding and connecting with God in your suffering, and how to move forward in your journey. The breakouts include sessions for people-helpers and counselors. Email to request discount codes.

Email to request a post-retreat access scholarship.

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Carpool to the Retreat!

Use this link to add or join a carpool. This tool can be used to carpool from the Asheville airport to Ridgecrest and then back to the airport. From the Charlotte airport to Ridgecrest and back! It can also be used for ladies who are driving from the same area to NC who would like to carpool.

This will not be monitored by CTPM.


Click on the speaker to view their biography and session details

Joy Forrest

Executive Director & Founder of Called to Peace Ministries

The Spiritual Impacts of Abuse

The Faith Healing Connection

Understanding Forgiveness

Darby Strickland

Counselor, Speaker & Author

How God Will Redeem Your Story

Georgia Shaffer

Coach, Author & Speaker

Moving On: Creating a Better Tomorrow

Five Characteristics of Healthy Healing Relationships

Rebecca Davis

Book Coach, Spiritual Coach, Author

Untwisting Scriptures

Carolyn J. Thompson

Ninth Judicial District Court Judge, Licensed & Ordained Minister

Greg Wilson

Counselor, Author

The Church Can (And Must) Be A Place of Safety and Peace

Inside the Mind and Heart of an Abusive Person

Dr. Debra Wingfield

Author, Doctor of Education, Educator

Tips for Parenting Traumatized Children

Christine Chappell

Author, IBCD Outreach Director

Help! I’ve Been Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder

Shannon McCoy

Author, Counselor, Speaker

The Spiritual Impact of Abuse: Exchanging Shallow Substitutes for The One True God

Michael Gembola

Counselor, Author, Teacher

Divorce and Mercy

Sharmen Kimbrough

Counselor, Relationship Coach

Spiritual Self-Protection Bootcamp: Protecting yourself from Spiritual Abuse

Dale & Faith Ingraham

Authors, Pastor, Speaker, Life Coach

What does God say about Abuse?

What Helps, What Hurts?

Hope and Healing

LaTonya Allen

Advocate, Public Speaker, Survivor

My Healing Journey

Tiffany Lesnik

Attorney, Survivor, Child and Victim’s Advocate

Tabitha Westbrook

Therapist, Coach, Speaker, Author

Managing Your Mind to Help Manage Trauma Aftermath

Heather Elizabeth

Survivor, Writer, Certified Advocate, Coach, Podcast Host

Rebuilding After Abuse: Body, Mind & Spirit

Ann Maree Goudzward

Trainer, Biblical Counselor, IBCD Project Manager

Walking in Heels

Beth Broom

Counselor, Trauma Specialist

Jesus Delights in Your Healing

Christ’s Model for Trauma Healing

Renee Best


ANEW You: Giving yourself grace on a journey to “Anew You”.

Peter Escue

Cybersecurity professional, Domestic Abuse Advocate, Biblical Counselor

Technology Safety for Domestic Abuse Advocates

Carolyn Weaver

Disclaimer: CTPM provides education and resources to survivors of domestic abuse and educates people who desire to help them. In no way do we seek to be a substitute for the local church. Rather, our goal is to come alongside churches as they seek to support victims of abuse. We call on experts as we deem necessary from diverse professional disciplines and theological backgrounds to share expertise and solutions for survivors. Those invited to speak on issues of faith at our events agree with our statement of faith affirming historically essential doctrines of the Christian faith as set out in the Apostles Creed. We allow for freedom of conscience in the nonessential doctrines such as divorce, remarriage, and male headship.



April 7

3pm Check-in/Registration

7pm General Session #1
The Spiritual Impacts of Abuse & How to Heal, Joy Forrest


April 8


General Session #2: How God will Redeem your Story, Darby Strickland

Breakout A


Advocacy and Support Group Breakout Lunch

Breakout B

Breakout C

Prayer Room-Counseling Appointments available through the afternoon


General Session #3: Panel featuring Joy Forrest, Georgia Shaffer, Rebecca Davis, Darby Strickland and Carolyn Thompson

Special evening of Worship


April 9

7:15-8:15am Breakfast

9:00-10:45am General Session #4

Bonus Talks

  • Who Do I Listen To with Darby Strickland,
  • Overcoming Fear with Renee Best,
  • Understanding Forgiveness with Joy Forrest
  • Overcoming Grief with LaTonya Allen

11:00am-12:00pm Breakout D

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

12:30-1:30pm Speakers & Donors Luncheon 

1:00pm Freetime (lunch & dinner on your own)

Check out all that Ridgecrest has to offer

Explore the quaint town of Black Mountain or Asheville

1:00-2:30pm Breakout E (Optional)

2:00-5:00pm Prayer Room-Counseling Appointments (group & individual) available through the afternoon


April 10



Sunday Worship & Closing Session #5: The Faith Healing Connection, Joy Forrest

12pm Send off!

Bonus Talks

During Main Sessions

Disappointment with God (Georgia Shaffer)

Overcoming Fear (Renee Best)

Understanding Forgiveness (Joy Forrest)

Overcoming Grief (Latonya Allen)

Understanding & Overcoming Dissociation (Tabitha Westbrook)

Finding True Comfort in God (Shannon McCoy)

And more!

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