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CTPM Gave My Home Peace After Domestic Abuse

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Blog, Churches & Ministry Leaders, Counselor & People Helpers, Domestic Abuse, Survivor Stories

As told by “Natasha,” with assistance in writing by Lauren Rose 

Dear Supporter of CTPM,

Two years ago, I entered a CTPM support group and was assigned an advocate. These women have been supporting me in all areas of healing.

As I have been processing the painful emotions associated with the abuse I endured, my advocate and support group members have been there for me, letting me know I am not alone.

My CTPM Advocate allowed my story to be heard without judgment. She was the first person I felt safe to finally, vulnerably, share from my heart. She validated what I had experienced by giving me the vocabulary I needed to properly understand and describe the years of abuse that I had suffered in my marriage.

Through the guided lessons in my support group, I’ve been able to break the patterns of anxiety and fear that stemmed from the trauma of abuse. Having a safe community allowed me to process, grieve, and heal; I was able to purge my mind of negative beliefs and replace them with God’s truth.

With my mind now fixed on God’s love and truth, and no longer racing in several fruitless directions, I found greater peace in the Lord, a peace that affects my children and changes our home’s entire atmosphere.

It also allows me to be more emotionally present and attuned with my kids because my mind isn’t preoccupied, and I can give them the focused love and support they need.

When women can be vulnerable to share their story in a safe place, it brings healing to her and her home. I learned to feel emotions I had long suppressed, and was given tools to heal those painful places. I can now, in turn, be a safe place for my children to express their own suppressed emotions, and I can support them by giving them tools they need for healing.

Thank you for financially supporting the CTPM support groups and advocates.

CTPM also sent me a gift card this past December for “new traditions with my children.” It was incredibly uplifting to have the money for a Christmas experience with my little ones! Quality time and making memories have always been valuable to me, but keeping traditions that cost money seemed impossible when I was struggling to meet the basic needs of food, rent, and other essentials. We used the gift card to keep our tradition of Breakfast with Santa, and the kids enjoyed this event very much. Having CTPM validate the importance of memory making…especially during the holidays, when emotions run deep, and finances are stretched thin…it felt like a warm hug!

Thank you for loving not only me but also my children. It’s the best gift for a mama who’s trying her best! Despite experiencing the traumatic effects of abuse, I am healing: I’m able to provide my children with a healthier version of motherhood. And I couldn’t have done it without the women of my support group sisterhood, who stood by me throughout this difficult transition.

In April, I received a scholarship to attend CTPM’s Women’s Retreat — and I found an entire community of others who could relate to my story! I no longer felt isolated in my experiences with abuse. In day-to-day living, I always feel I must first educate people whenever I share my story, explain my perspective and mindset, in order for them to be supportive. But at the retreat, I was able to share my story, ask hard questions, and get straight answers — all without having to do the mental gymnastics of trying to explain every action, every motive, every insecurity. I was additionally armed with vital information that gave me confidence in navigating the legal process. And beyond that, I made new friends that I’m in touch with daily; we have each other to support, to field questions, to comfort and assist, as we continue on our healing journeys. It all added up to a deeper understanding of God’s love, and finding a greater restoration for my soul. Thank you for financially supporting the CTPM Women’s Retreat.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting CTPM, so that I could have these resources to heal and break the generational cycle of abuse in my home.

Because of your support, my home is filled with peace!

Sincerely, “Natasha”