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You Know That Lady?

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Domestic Abuse, Survivor Stories

As one of the CTPM staff involved with supporting people who have signed up to help with crowdfunding, it’s my job to review pages and help people customize.  While going through the pages, I arrived at Emily’s and was captivated by what she had written.  She gave her permission for her words to be used on the blog and I’d ask that if her words resonate with you the way they did for me, and you were planning to contribute to our Domestic Violence Awareness Month Campaign, that you would give through her link:
-Naomi Jubilee

Guest Blogger: Emily Forst

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion for Domestic Violence Awareness and the work of Called to Peace Ministries. Not only do I have a heart that cares very deeply about women and families who have been impacted by domestic abuse, but I have personal experience and understanding on a deeper level. There is so much to domestic abuse and most of the time it is hidden and takes a Supernatural gift to be able to see underneath the mask.


You know that lady?

The one who is so bubbly and friendly to everyone. The one who goes out of her way to love others. The one who has served in some sort of ministry her whole life. The one lady that is always making others feel so comfortable and welcomed. The one who posts pictures on social media of her and her husband eating out and enjoying a beautiful vacation. The one who posts bible verses and backs her thoughts up with how she wishes she were more submissive, or more forgiving. The one who attends every bible study and women’s event. That one lady who seems to have everything a lady could ask for—a charming, godly husband, beautiful kids, a pastor who comes over once a week to encourage and uplift her marriage and mental health. The one lady that everyone thought was beautiful and had it all together. Outside: Sweet, gentle, godly, pretty, loving, caring, selfless.

Yeah, that one.

The one that was forced to attend in all the ministries that she did. The one that was so involved with other women because she was too afraid to uncover the abuse going on in her own life. The one who so badly wanted others to think highly of her husband that she would post half-true pictures and stories on social media of her vacations and dinners with her husband. The one who was trying to convince herself that she was not submitting enough or forgiving her husband, so she would have a scripture on replay in her mind that her husband keeps telling her. The one whose pastor comes over to her house weekly to tell her that she was emotionally unstable and had deep sin issues that were causing her great anxiety, that she needed to be seen and treated by a psychotherapist because of her nightly outbursts of painful tears and heartache. The one who was demeaned and belittled. The one who was guilted into thinking she was the biggest problem in the marriage. The one who was physically abused. The one that was sexually degraded repeatedly. The one who was told she was not good enough. Inside: Pain. Fear. Ugly. Unloved. Unwanted. Unworthy. Abandoned.

Gaslit and confused. “What mask?” she asked. “Something seems wrong. It must be me. I cannot seem to shake this cloud over me. I cannot do anything right. But I want to. Maybe I can push through another day, another fight. My body can take the mistreatment.” The addiction of fake peace. It is like a drug. Darkness. Abuse.

Then, there were these gifted persons. Ready to take the mask off this lady. Ready to give her new eyes. Ready to show her what was really going on. It took time and much love, but she stepped away. Then… she saw. The light bulb turned on. For the first time in years. Clear vision. Understanding. Hope.

That lady? Chances are… you know her.
That gifted persons? Those involved and educated by Called to Peace Ministries.

Called To Peace Ministries was gifted Supernaturally to see under that mask and provide such care and support for something that seemed so impossible. Not only did they see under the mask, but they gave her a mirror. A mirror that showed her own value and love as a Child of The King.

That lady now? Peace overflows her heart. Sunshine. Bravery. Healing. Growing. Connecting with others. Engaged in ministries where she chooses. Seeing her value and her worth. Fully known. Fully loved. Enough. Enough because JESUS-IN-HER-PLACE. Beaten. Nailed to a cross. Died. And rose again! So that she can live, and live life more abundantly. And that is just what she is doing. Living an abundant life because of the sake of the Gospel. And now she wants to share that same hope with other women and provide a safe place of healing and growth for those who still have their mask on. You can provide help, too!! By the donation of your choice!

1 in 3 women have lived through domestic abuse in their lifetime (NCADV) and I want to see the cycle broken. I also love the work that Called to Peace Ministries is doing to help provide a compassionate, comprehensive, and Christ-centered response to those living in the darkness of abuse.

Please join with me in October through Domestic Violence Awareness month and help me reach my fundraising goal. 

Please consider donating $50, $100 or $150 to Called to Peace Ministries so together we can help more women like that masked lady.