Sandra Pierce

Director of Operations

First and foremost, Sandra is a child of God, including being a loving wife, mother, and church elder. Sandra is currently a full-time office manager at a mental health agency in Raleigh, N.C. CTPM is blessed that she shares her organizational gifts and passion for ministry with us! After graduate school, Sandra began working in the mental health field and worked with families in their homes intending to prevent out of home placement for children. She operated for nine years under the Family Centered Treatment model. When it was time to start her own family, her career transitioned to an office manager for the same agency. Fifteen years later, her son is in 10th grade! Sandra Manages the everyday operations of Called to Peace Ministries. She will be assisting with organizational structure for services to our ladies, donor relations and for internal processes. Sandra is excited to support Called to Peace Ministries while sharing God’s love and healing.

Ordering the Book and Workbook

Learn the story behind Called to Peace Ministries. Whether you are in an abusive relationship yourself, or desire to help someone else who is suffering from domestic abuse, Joy Forrest offers hope, inspiration, and biblical guidance in her book, Called to Peace.  The workbook provides a scripture-based curriculum for group or individual use.  Learn biblical keys for healing after domestic abuse.


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