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Who we help

Helping starts with understanding

Women in Potentially Destructive and Harmful Relationships

Do you constantly find yourself “walking on eggshells” in order to avoid upsetting your partner? Does your partner constantly criticize you? Are you confused about what a healthy relationship looks like?

How we help individuals

We offer hope and healing to victims of abuse by offering resources, assistance and encouragement. We also offer education and mentoring to individuals, churches, and other organizations to equip them to better respond to complex abuse issues. We believe God’s heart is for the oppressed and long to see the captives set free (Isaiah 61:1-4). As His people, we seek to answer this call in the following ways:

  • Advocates to help survivors explore their options and navigate the many difficult decisions they face.
  • Support Groups (Online and Nationwide)
  • Healing Retreats (yearly for survivor and people helpers)
  • Practical Assistance (Emergency help with practical needs)

Friends and Family

Are you heartbroken by a situation you’ve been made aware of in your family or circle of friends? Has someone you love suddenly cut off contact, especially after beginning a new relationship? Has someone told you they think they are in an abusive relationship, but you’re not sure and want to understand more about the dynamics of domestic abuse?

How We Help Friends and Family

We have many videos available on our YouTube and Vimeo channels as well as advice on how to help or hurt someone affected by domestic abuse. We will help you help the one you love and pray for the situation. You’re not alone.


For many abused women, the first person they reach out to is a ministry leader or pastor.  How can you as a pastor or church leader tell the difference between a disappointing marriage and an abusive one?  What do you do when the stories don’t match?  How can you make sure you’re keeping the true victim safe and holding the abuser accountable in order to care for both of them without harming either one of them?

How We Help Churches

We host educational events and training to equip churches and ministry leaders from a biblical perspective to be able to provide the best possible outcome for a destructive marriage. We can connect you with resources, work closely with your staff to help with situations that arise. We will work within your theological framework as long as it does not endanger victims.

Counselors and People Helpers

Are you providing marriage counseling or mentoring to a couple and confused by how it’s going? Do you know what red flags to look for and how to counsel a marriage devastated by abuse? How do you tell when a relationship crosses the line to abuse? Do you clearly see an abusive situation and need to know what the next steps are?

How We Help Counselors and People Helpers

We have a number of training videos as well as providing advocacy consultation and resources. Many counselors and people helpers choose to take our advocacy training program in order to learn all they can about ways to help their clients.