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When Trusting Makes no Sense

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Devotionals

Good morning Lord. Today I give you my anxious thoughts and ways. Left to my own devices anxiety rules. When I lay my head down at night, my mind anxiously spins about the things that need to be done, and the same thing happens when I wake up in the morning. I remember simpler times in my life when my first and last thoughts were focused solely on You. That is what I want again. These days I have to struggle and fight my natural inclination to be stressed. How I hate it! Even though I don’t give in, it’s always a battle. Today I ask for victory in the battle. Help me to be more concerned about pleasing You than pleasing people, because worrying about what people think is nothing but stressful, especially since I have chosen to reject what the world says is important. I have jumped out onto this limb and given up a good source of income, because I believe You are calling me to ministry. I am working on building residual income in an industry that causes many to scoff, and that vacillates just as much as real estate. The only difference is that it doesn’t take up the same amount of time. You know how easy it easy to doubt your leading when it just doesn’t seem to make sense. Negative thoughts continue to weigh me down. I woke up earlier and fell back asleep praying. I had a dream about standing up to speak to a group of people, and then just sitting down from discouragement. Although I am excited about our It Works products, half the people I approach seem to think I’m pushing snake oil. I see the raised eyebrows and sense the skepticism, which basically says I’m lying.  And yet here’s another parallel to the gospel. I always tell people IW is the gospel for the body, that if they commit to it, they will be completely changed. But also like the gospel, people don’t commit. They stick their toes in and briefly try it, but don’t get the best results, because they aren’t all in. Or they prefer their own ineffective ways to wholeness. Lord, You said the path to destruction would be broad, and the path to life would be narrow and difficult. That is so true. Every day I seem to face constant difficulty. People think I’m crazy already, because of my commitment to You. I write blog posts that document my conversations with You. Well of course I must be out of my mind. Your yoke is easy and your burden is light, but the way is not easy. Nobody likes to be constantly criticized, but You were. We keep on going for the sake of those who will believe. Help me not be discouraged today, but to keep on seeking and knocking on doors so that some will have and receive the amazing opportunity You have given me. I won’t expect everyone to come, but I pray that You will raise up others to come in due season. Help me never to give in to discouragement, but to be an encourager. Help me to boldly proclaim what I know to be true. In and of myself, I can’t get very far, but with You all things are possible, so I give You this day and this business. Have your way oh Lord, and help me not to put limits where You have not put them. I give You my day before I get started. Help me keep my eyes on You today. Help me prioritize the most important things. I know You have to come first. On the days when I skimp on my quiet time, it seems I accomplish less in a day. Help me to continually make You the priority of my life. Without You I will really be spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing. Help me to walk in a fuller measure of your Spirit today. I have done it before, and today I feel like I need a fresh outpouring into my life. I ask for that, and I ask that You would keep me from placing my hope in things that offer false hope. Psalm 33 says that hoping in anything besides God is futile. Help me to solely depend on You today even though it seems foolish to many. I am completely desperate for You, and know You will not disappoint.

My dear child. I delight when you depend on Me, and look to Me for help. The struggles you face will not be overcome by your strength or power, but by my Spirit (Zec. 4:6). Bring your burdens to Me, because my yoke is easy and my burden light (Mt. 11:30). You weigh yourself down far more than I ever would. Let everything go! Cast those cares on Me, because I care for you more than you can even imagine (1 Pet. 5:7). You are the apple of my eye (Zec. 2:8), and my intentions toward you are always good (Jer. 29:11). This means you can refuse the fear and anxiety that try to rise up within you on a regular basis. I have promised to meet your needs according to my riches—that means it is not up to you (Ph. 4:19). Your only job is to knock, seek, and ask (Mt. 7:7). Believe in Me, and I will cause the increase. You cannot conjure it up; you can only knock expectantly. Believe in Me and never stress over something I have called you to do. When I call you, it is up to Me, not you. You need to be obedient and you need to take action, but you are not responsible for the outcome. That is on Me. Trust me for the increase, and do not allow yourself to be caught up with worry. That is so counterproductive. A branch never has to strive; it merely abides and moves in the direction of the sun (Jn.15:5). Bask in my presence and you will naturally move towards my light. Then your fruit will become evident. Fruit cannot be manufactured; it is a product of a natural process, so stop striving and leave it in my hands. I am with You.