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Walking & Running with Him

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Devotionals

Lord, this morning I come to You discouraged. All my best-laid plans seem to fail.  All I can think to say is “Help!” Life swallows me up from day to day, and I feel so useless for your kingdom– like all my attempts are small and feeble. I feel like a hamster on a wheel, constantly spinning and never going anywhere. Teach me to abide in Your presence in spite of life. I know it is possible to walk victoriously even in the midst of busyness, but when the details of life start piling up, and I find myself not being able to get to everything I stress. Even now, my mind wants to dwell on the long “to-do” list that stands ever before me. I feel guilty when I take time from work for personal things, and it even seems like I can’t afford to take quiet time with You. But I know that is so untrue. It is my quiet time with You that keeps me from being utterly defeated. I do find You in many ways from day to day. Today I ask that You would make me more aware of the spiritual side to every task and conversation. I know that can happen, because I have been there before. I know much of it stems from a heart of worship, so now I bow before You and praise You with all I have and all I am.

My dear child, why do you fret about things You cannot control. You are only responsible for the things I call you to do, not the outcome. I am in control of that, and you must trust Me for it. Do not despise the day of small things (Zec. 4:10). Remember, I rarely begin things with pomp and circumstance. That is the way the world would do it, but I use humble beginnings. I chose a shepherd boy to defeat a giant and rule Israel. I chose lowly fishermen to bring my message to the world. My first moments of life in the flesh happened in manger with Mary, Joseph, and a handful of lowly shepherds. There were angels all around, but not everyone saw them—even as you do not see everything that is happening in the unseen realm now. Trust and obey. My timing is perfect, and can never be rushed. Wait on Me, and you will not be disappointed. In the interim, learn the lessons that come in waiting.

Remember that you live and move and have your being in Me (Ac. 17:28). Stop striving, and rest in that knowledge. I will keep you in perfect peace as you keep your mind stayed on Me (Is. 26:3). Remember when your children were little? They ran in circles around you, but you were still there with them watching, and delighting as they learned about the world around them. They made you laugh sometimes, and other times they upset you, but you were there side-by-side walking through it together. They weren’t constantly looking at you, but they knew you were there and looked up to share new discoveries, pains, and thrills. Do the same with Me, my daughter. I delight in you, and am not nearly as upset about the busyness as you are. As you know, I could remove it today, but I choose to use it to mold you into a more useable vessel. Walk and run with Me. Share your new discoveries, your pains, and your joys with Me. Let me use this time for good. It will not always be this way, but in each and every circumstance you must learn to be content before moving to the next (Ph. 4:11). Wait, trust, and rejoice in Me as we walk through this time together. I love you.