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Trusting the All-Sufficient One

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Devotionals

Good morning Lord. I’m coming to You from a position of extreme weakness this morning. I have been in such a funk lately, because life has been so full of hardship and disappointment. I know I am supposed to keep my eyes focused on You rather than circumstances, and normally I am able to do that, but I think I’m feeling a cumulative effect since it’s hitting from so many sides. The stress of having so many areas of life in turmoil at once is extra hard. I’m just exhausted, and I want to quit!  I know You have allowed me to come to this place for a reason, and that there is something You want to teach me. Please help me learn the lesson quickly. I want to be obedient to You, and have no desire to be so self-focused. Teach me to live beyond circumstances, and to enter into your amazing presence where there is fullness of joy on a daily basis. Help me know how to enter in, even in the midst of constant distractions. I surrender to You today, and ask for your guidance. I give you my business, my ministry desires and concerns. I can’t handle any of it, but You are more than able. Please work mightily. Give me another testimony of your goodness in the midst of strife. I love You Lord!

Come to me weary and heavy-laden daughter, and I will give you rest. Lay these burdens on Me, and know that I take pleasure in relieving the stress in your life. Yes, I do want to use it to teach you to rely fully on me. You trust Me, but there is still a lot of self-sufficiency in you. I need for you to learn that I am all-sufficient, and you cannot depend on yourself. You should never trust temporary things anyway. This season is to teach you how to reject your nature that so wants to trust in the temporal. Let it go, and know that I am at work. I have a plan. Yes, you can knock on doors, and no you shouldn’t just quit, but whatever you do must be done in a state of complete submission to Me. The hardest road will become the easiest, and the results will be miraculous. You know the outcome when you do everything in your own strength. Roll it all on Me dear child. I am able. You are not. I have the power to change things. You do not. Leave everything in my hands as you move forward. Don’t sit still and quit, but move—all the while surrendering everything to Me moment by moment. Do not worry, but commit it all to Me. I will bring you out of this time into victory. Trust Me.