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Still Waters…

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Devotionals

Father, I am amazed at how easily distracted I am. It’s ridiculous really. I guess part of it is life in the modern world, because honestly I don’t remember struggling this much before the days of smart phones and computers. I suppose the answer is to put them away, and carve out the time, or to rise much, much earlier so there won’t be interruptions. Either way, it is time for a change. It’s time to stop talking about it, and start doing it. I ordered the book on time management, and haven’t had time to read it! Oh my, You are so patient with me, and I so appreciate that, but I also know You are calling me out, and into obedience. Help me learn how to quiet my soul. Lead me by the still waters and let me drink from the streams of living waters today. I am parched. Let me drink freely without distraction, knowing that You are with me. Then let me lie down in green pastures as You restore my soul. It gets so beat up in this world. Thank You for times of refreshing.  Amen

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (Jn. 10:27). Do not let the noise of this world drown out my voice. You have my Spirit, which means you have everything you need for victory. I will always lead you in triumph so that you will manifest the sweet aroma of the knowledge of God to a dying world (2 Cor. 2:14). That is why you must be diligent to listen for my voice and follow my leading rather than the multitude of other voices that call out for your attention. When you fail, do not waste time in self-condemnation, but come humbly in repentance and let me hold you in my arms. I do not condemn, I restore. I bore your condemnation on the cross; so do not take it up again. Little one, you are mine—fully loved and precious in my sight. Never let anything keep you from running to Me. Come now, sit beside the still waters and find rest for your weary soul. There is healing here in my presence. The world inflicts damage on your soul daily, but a moment in my presence can repair it. Come and drink freely. Rest in my love. That is all you need in this moment. Let go the cares of this world, and gaze on the beauty of the Lord. Let me hide you in the shelter of my wing as you go through your day so the blows of life will not hurt you. I will take them for you. Learn to abide in Me my child. It will come as you fix your gaze on Me.  Turn your eyes on Me, and come.