The Following Businesses Provide Support to
Called to Peace Ministries as They Seek to  
Help Families & Individuals Find a Pathway Out of Crisis

North Carolina General Stores

North Carolina General Stores is your friendly, local, North Carolina loving, NC selling, gourmet, country, corner store. Specializing in NC made foods and local art.

Buy or Sell a Home Anywhere!

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, please CONTACT US! Regardless of the city or state you live in, when you let us connect you with a Realtor, a portion of the proceeds will come back to Called to Peace.

Get Healthy!

It Works offers natural products for health, slimming and anti-aging. Whole-food based supplements help to alkalize, detoxify and energize the body. Herbal skin care products provide dramatic results without the use of harsh chemicals or dangerous ingredients. If you use supplements or natural skin care regularly, just switching to this line of products will help families affected by crisis. 

Edward R Williams CPA

Certified, Professional, & Affordable
Individual & Small Business Accounting Services
Contact Ed for all your accounting needs!
Connect with Ed on Linkedin,

Ruby Ribbon

Ladies, you won't believe what Ruby Ribbon shapewear and apparel can do for you! Support was never so comfortable. From our award winning camisole that eliminates your need for a bra, to our fashion essentials with built in shaping, to our versitale fashion layers, you'll love Ruby Ribbon!​ 

Support Called to Peace Ministries and help families in crisis.