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Running to Rest

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Devotionals

Oh Lord, time just flies by, and I continue to spin my wheels on things that don’t matter! It’s a vicious cycle. I get overwhelmed with all I need to do, skimp on my time with You, and get busy. I then realize that the good things I chose to do were not the most important things. The only solution is to jump off the hamster wheel, and force myself to get quiet long enough to hear your voice. It’s not enough to check off a box with scripture reading and a quick prayer. You haven’t left me here without guidance, and I know how to hear your voice. My problem is that I don’t take the time. Truly the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I am fully aware of my limitations and weaknesses. It would be disheartening if I didn’t know that You specialize in revealing your strength through weak vessels. Hallelujah for that! So once again I come to You asking for mercy and strength to overcome myself. Help me to be completely yielded, and please help me get past the foolish notion that something I “have to” do is important enough to rush through my time with You. Your patience amazes me. I know how weak I am, and yet You pour grace over me and multitudes of your other imperfect children every day. Thank You! I am so grateful to be your child. Help me to walk in step with your Spirit today and everyday. That is goal for this new year. There is nothing more important, so help me to walk in that truth. Amen

My dear child, I have abundant patience, because I know that plans I have for you will be fulfilled. The final outcome isn’t really up to you little one. I will be faithful to complete the work I began in you. Obviously you should never use that as an excuse for idleness or disobedience. However, you can rest in knowing that, rather than beating yourself up for being human. I do not expect perfection—always remember that I look at the heart. A heart that is fully devoted to Me will act, but if you stumble in the process I will not scold you. Delight in Me, and I will give you the desires of your heart. That means I will form the desires in your heart, and I will bring them to pass. Rather than loading yourself down with the burden of doing, come to Me and let those burdens go. Let me carry them, even as I carry you (Is. 46:4). Remember that in my economy being is so much more important than doing, but as you progressively become a sanctified vessel for my kingdom, good works will follow. If they do not, then you need to examine yourself to see if you are in the faith. I do not condemn you, so come and find rest from your self-condemnation now.

 Rest in Me dear child. I love you more than you can even imagine. Rest in my love, and you will find all the strength you need there. Ironically, you must strive to enter into my rest (Heb. 4:11). The only way to walk in the Spirit is to hold onto Me. Do not rush ahead, but wait for my move. Remember that the key is to keep your eyes fixed on Me. That is something you cannot do if you are looking at other things all the time, nor can you do it if you looking at yourself. Successfully finishing a race depends on keeping your eyes on the finish line. I am the author and finisher of your faith, so look to Me, or you will find yourself running towards the wrong things. My desire is for you to finish strong dear one. There is some discipline involved in that, but discipline alone is never enough. If you do not do it in love, it is nothing but legalism. Every day I ask you to come back to your first Love. When you first fall in love, it is easy to focus on the object of your love, but over time you begin to lose the enthusiasm you once had. If you aren’t careful, it’s easy to let the little irritants in life overshadow the same relationship that once held you in awe. It’s easy to begin to perceive awesome as common. Do not let that happen my child. The ones who accomplish the most for my kingdom have one thing in common. They never lose their passion for Me. Wandering eyes indicate divided passions, so return to your first love daily. As you spend time in my presence, I will rekindle your passion. You cannot manufacture it on your own. That will only lead to weariness. When you act out of love and passion for Me, you may become physically weary, but you will find rest for your soul. So strive to spend time in worship; then watch and see what I will do.