On #GivingTuesdayNow we are kicking off our campaign for the month of May to raise $20,000 for our Emergency Fund. The Emergency Fund support we offer women and their families can make all the difference towards a fresh start when they are living in domestic abuse. 

"The Emergency Fund support I received from Called to Peace allowed me to get a place of my own- to have a safe place to dwell and to have a new beginning." - “Molly”


Even though it feels like everything around us is closed, canceled, or shut down giving back and caring for others isn’t. Please consider donating to Called to Peace so we can be a support to women and families living in increasing domestic abuse during the Covid-19 crisis through our Emergency Fund. 


Domestic abuse reports have increased by 30% in some areas of our country due to the COVID-19 crisis, help us care for women and families who are living in domestic abuse find a path towards hope. 


$20 provides one hour of advocacy 

$50 provides gift cards for gas or groceries 

$75 provides one hour of trauma counseling

$100 provides one night in a hotel to escape an abusive situation. 

$250 helps to provide support for past due bills to provide financial freedom to start again. 

$500 helps with rent, mortgage or a deposit on an apartment


"My gas would've been shut off in the middle of winter. CTPM helped me keep my family warm while giving me a chance to move forward financially without being stuck in the cycle of past due bills."  -"Linda"