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Laying Every Burden Down

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Devotionals

Father before this day gets started, I would like to give it to You. I dare not go into it without your help. There are so many burdens on my heart right now. I am weary and heavy laden, so I come to your feet and lay the burdens down asking You to give me rest in the midst of these trials. Life is hard, but You are so good! I pray for my loved ones who are struggling. They don’t understand how to tap into your goodness, because they can’t see past themselves. I pray for those who need You desperately, and yet reject You. I pray for all the crises that were brought to my attention yesterday—for a domestic violence situation and many more. Lord, You are sovereign and want to use these situations for good in the lives of those who love You. I know that when I was getting out of that horribly abusive situation I could not imagine how You could possibly use it for good, but You did! In the midst of that, You taught me more about your great love than I could have ever imagined, You taught me about your faithfulness, and You have used it to help me minister to others. The most awful time of my life was also the most beautiful, because You met me there and proved yourself faithful. When I made the decision to trust and to hold on to You circumstances took a while to change, but those years transformed my life and I am grateful for them now. For all the people on my heart, I ask You give them the same blessing. Use their suffering and misery to draw them to yourself. Help them to see beyond themselves to the eternal One who transcends circumstances and whose perfect love casts out fear. Calm the raging storms today dear Lord. Amen

My child, drop those heavy loads at my feet. You have no power to change anything without my divine intervention, so release all your cares to Me. Worry will not accomplish anything. You have learned that I am trustworthy, so entrust your troubles to Me knowing that I care for you. Do not borrow trouble from tomorrow by worrying. It will only ruin today. Instead seek Me and leave your burdens in my loving hands. Unlike so many people, you have learned that I weave my eternal purposes into the everyday trials of life, and that knowledge should give you peace. I am never out of control even when people and circumstances seem to be. You may wonder why I allow those situations to happen, but you cannot see from my perspective. Do not ask why, it will only cause more grief. Rather, ask Me to show you what I have for you in the midst of each trial. Yes, life is full of horrible and grievous circumstances, because I allow people choices and you live in a fallen world, but I still hold the reins. My plans transcend your time limitations. That is why I can look on the ocean of horrors that occur daily in this world and still see the good. I know the end before it begins, and I promise to make all things new. Life is but a breath and I promise to right every wrong in eternity. Do not forget that I came down and bore those burdens on the cross. I did not leave you to wallow in misery, but provided hope by taking the full weight of human suffering on myself. That provision is enough to get you through this life. It breaks the power of sin, and gives you the ability to overcome. My resurrection proves that I have overcome this world, and you do not have to be defeated. So leave your burdens here my child. Drop them and take my hands instead. I will lead you by still waters and restore your soul. I will be your comfort. Rest in Me now. In my presence nothing will be able to overwhelm you, and I am here waiting. Come bask in my lovingkindness. You are loved and I here to carry your burdens. Let them go.

(1 Pet. 5:7, Mt. 6:33-34, Is. 46;10, Rev. 21:5, Ps. 144:4, Ps. 23).