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“LaShronda” Finds a Slice of Heaven After Domestic Abuse

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Counselor & People Helpers, Domestic Abuse, Survivor Stories

Written by Lauren Rose as told by “LaShronda”

The abuse I endured in my marriage was horrendous.

I suffered through multiple physical assaults. I once picked up his phone, and he punched me so hard it broke my nose. If I confronted him, he would state that he ‘wanted to fight like a man.‘ I’ve survived getting stitches in my face and multiple hospital trips because of his physical abuse toward me. 

I endured constant emotional abuse, making me feel unworthy and broken down; my husband would continually put me down and compare me to other women. He sought to isolate me as a form of control; knowing how much I valued my church family; he would go so far as to rip my nice clothes in order to prevent me from attending services. He would often steal money from my wallet, leaving me unable to tend to my children’s needs. 

The abuse my children have witnessed has affected them emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

My husband started disappearing after I went through a major surgery. He started by going out for one night, then for a few nights, then for a week or more; as of this writing, I haven’t seen him in over two years. He left me to support our two children alone. Being a single mom — and sole provider for a growing family — has been a challenge. The physical abuse I’d endured had left my body broken, greatly limiting my ability to work. 

Despite my best efforts, we struggled immensely; at one point, we were homeless for an entire month.

I then connected with Called to Peace Ministries and started attending a Support Group. Each week, I looked forward to meeting every one of the beautiful women, knowing we were all fighting the same battle. 

The Called to Peace book gave me profound insight into why my husband treated me like he did; I realized it actually had nothing to do with me but was rooted in his desire for control — even to the point of living his entire life in deception. 

Our support group cried together, and prayed together; we shared our stories, and encouraged one another. I felt supported and loved. I don’t know how I could have endured my suffering without the support group. I left each week with peace, reminded that God is still here, keeping me in sound mind. 

I was referred to the CTPM Emergency Fund when I shared that my kids and I didn’t have food in our pantry, gas for my vehicle, or electricity for my home; a past due bill had resulted in our power being cut off. I couldn’t understand why these people at CTPM — people whom I had never even met — would want to help me, a stranger. But they did help us, beyond what I could have hoped; they provided us with gas cards, food cards, and even paid the bill for our lights to be turned back on. 

When the power was restored, I told my children about the support of CTPM; my daughter was as stunned as people who didn’t know us would be so generous. It led her to exclaim something that I had already thought to myself: ‘These people must be angels.’

The CTPM Emergency Fund not only provided us with necessities, but also impacted my children’s lives with a deeper understanding of the love of Jesus. After witnessing so much abuse, the provision showed them that there are kind and caring people in this world — people who love Jesus and live out His love.

 (CTPM Financial Assistant) Diana, whom I had spoken with when I reached out to CTPM, gave me tremendous insight and support at a time when I had nothing. She provided me with resources, prayed with me, and gave me a copy of the book, Called to Peace. I carry this book with me everywhere; it reminds me of my value and worth to God. 

Thank you for supporting the CTPM Emergency Fund. While fighting for what felt like my life, Called to Peace Ministries was a little slice of heaven for me and my children.