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I Surrender!

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Devotionals

Good morning sweet Lord, how I love You! This morning I come to You and empty myself before the day begins. For me to live is Christ; to die is gain. This morning I crucify my agendas, my desires and anything else that is not from You. If You are not in it, I do not want it. I know that Your plans for me are so much better than any I have for myself, and nothing compares to the joy of being in the center of your will. So I come to you as an empty vessel, that I might be useful for your kingdom. Lord, You know that my deepest desires are in You, so please let me move in the direction of the desires You have placed in me. I praise You so much for the breakthrough You gave me after I surrendered everything to You the other day. I guess all the worry and striving was a sure sign I had not surrendered everything, so today and every day from now on, my desire is to come to You daily and empty myself. Lord, that is what You did. Even though You existed in the form of God, You emptied yourself and took on the form of a servant. Jesus, You lived in complete surrender to the Father. That is my greatest desire. Help me stay emptied, and give me ears to hear your voice! I don’t even want my own way, so there is nothing to strive about! I know I have physical needs, and I guess I get stressed about that. I let those needs become a desire that overshadows my deeper desire. When I let that happen, I am definitely not living by faith! Forgive me. Check my spirit as soon as that happens Lord. Please don’t let me entertain those negative, faithless thoughts! Take me and use me for your kingdom precious Lord! Amen

Dear daughter, you are mine. I will be faithful to finish the work I have begun in you (Ph.1:6). I know that these refining fires are not easy, but the final result will be a vessel of greater use for my kingdom. You have discovered the key to victory—that is complete surrender. That is the point where I step in and move. Until you let go of your fears and desire to be in control, I will not take over. I will not force you to surrender; you must do it willingly. It brings joy to my heart when you finally come to the end of yourself, the end of your striving, and surrender your need to control everything. Now step back and watch me work on your behalf. Your job now is to simply be obedient to my leading. I will lead you by still waters and restore your soul. I will cause you to triumph and manifest the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Me everywhere you go (2 Co. 2:14). As long as you stay in this place of surrender, there is no limit to what will be accomplished. Just watch and see. I love you child.