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“Heather” Finds Peace and Freedom at the Women’s Retreat

by | May 2, 2022 | Domestic Abuse, Survivor Stories, Uncategorized

As told by “Heather,” edited by Lauren Rose

I’ve been working with the advocates at Called to Peace Ministries (CTPM) for six months and have been so blessed by their help and support!

The 2022 He Makes All Things Women’s Retreat was my first retreat, and I was overwhelmed by how comprehensive it was for help and healing from the practical issues to spiritual and psychological. I can’t wait for the Post-Retreat Access to help continue the healing process. I also cannot wait to join a support group!

A HUGE thank you to everyone at CTPM, you are amazing, and I feel so thankful God has brought you into my life! The work God is doing through you is absolutely invaluable.

For all the ladies who attended – you are brave; I am brave because I came. We are saying that we will not stay in the silence and darkness but will face the pain and dig for healing.

God providentially arranged my attending as I didn’t even know about it until two weeks before– totally a God thing! God did so much in me at the retreat and brought so many beautiful connections with other survivors, but the biggest thing I feel He worked in me was HOPE– real, true hope based on evidence of His work.

I saw brave, beautiful women of faith standing in the light. And while I am often in the dark tunnel of trials right now and sometimes can’t see the light at the end, those women are standing in the light and beckoning me, ‘Come this way!’ I felt so incredibly broken in my mind, heart, and spirit the last several months, like there was no fixing this, fixing me.

But GOD gave me hope for healing and wholeness by showing me what He has done for many women already. I know it will be a hard and long path to walk, but I’m not walking it alone, and there is bright, beautiful light and freedom on the other side. For what Christ sets free is free indeed!