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Throughout December we are seeking God and asking Him to provide us with the capacity to equip MORE survivors with the tools to seek a deeper path of healing and to give them a new song, which means MORE Crisis Counseling, Advocacy Training and Support Groups to support them on their path forward. 

Crisis Counseling

Christ-centered CRISIS COUNSELING is very helpful when a woman is in need of life saving guidance and comprehensive support. The women who need crisis counseling are in the trenches of oppressive and dark domestic abuse and we help them rebuild. We listen, help them find their voice and then help them untangle the lies they are believing and replace them with God’s word. Donate to provide more capacity for CTPM to meet with women who need this life changing counseling.

Support Groups

We have 25 SUPPORT GROUPS across the country that meet in person and virtually, but due to the consistent requests for help that we receive our support groups are OVERFLOWING. We are prayerfully asking your help because we need MORE support groups across the country to establish greater support and healing and to give HER a New Song!


We are striving to offer more ADVOCACY TRAINING courses to People Helpers who want to step in and shed light on the path for healing and lighten the burden for the abused. An Advocate is trained to enter in with an abused woman, walk with her through the process of healing, assess the danger level, prepare and attend court, help talk with her church, and most importantly empower them to combat lies, believe the truth, and feel equipped to make their own decisions. 

We have a generous anonymous donor who is providing a $15,000 MATCHING GRANT to double every gift given between now and December, 31st.

Partner with Called to Peace Ministries to raise $40,000 before December, 31st to give HER a NEW Song! 

$1000 Provides 10 hours of Crisis Counseling 

$800 Will pay for 1 year of Advocacy Training

$500 to Start a NEW Support Group

$100 for 1 Session of Crisis Counseling

$50 Provides Support Group Training Materials