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What does the true peace of Christ look like after years of chaos and oppression from abuse? 

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27

The peace of Christ feels like finally being whole and spiritually alive. Peace is being at rest with God by aligning ourselves with Him, His truths, and His Word. It is letting go and trusting Him, becoming still and calm in our heart, knowing that our Father in Heaven sees us, and holds us in His hands. 

Real peace is not the absence of conflict. It takes action to restore a broken situation, just like Jesus CAME and took action to restore us to our Father. He is Emmanuel, God with us.

We are prayerfully asking for your help because we need to grow our Advocacy Program and Church Partnership Program capacity to serve more women and churches to establish greater support for women in abuse. Together, we can help her find healing through the peace of Christ this Christmas.

We have a generous anonymous donor who is providing a $20,000 MATCHING GRANT to double every gift given from a NEW donor or given as an increase in giving since 2020 between now and December 31st. 

Partner with Called to Peace Ministries to raise $50,000 before December 31st!


Provide 10 hours of crisis counseling


Pay for 1 year of advocacy training


Pay for 15 hours of church training


Provide 1 session of crisis counseling


Provide support group training materials

* A new donor is any donor who hasn’t given since 12/31/19 and their gift will be matched
* An increased giver is someone who gave in 2020 and gives an increase from their 2020 gift after 11/11/21. The increased difference will be matched.  

Church Partnership Program

Jim Upchurch had a phone call with my pastor to clarify a few important things, for which I am so grateful. I have a good pastor with a willing heart, but he did not have experience with domestic abusive situations. That phone call helped give him the understanding perspective needed to assist me and my children so we could find peace.” 


Church leaders want the best for their congregations. But sometimes they may not have the training or experience to enter into domestic abuse situations, which could risk the safety of victims. Our church partnership team have served 268 churches through trainings and direct consultations thus far in 2021. But the demand continues to surpass our capacity. We need the resources to grow.

Advocacy Program

I am still very much at the beginning of my journey to healing and rebuilding. My advocate through Called to Peace Ministries has offered me support, sometimes multiple times a day. She has helped educate me on the abuse my family was experiencing, ways to protect myself, and strategies to overcome the obstacles in my path. The faith-based emotional support has been very encouraging, as it is helping me to also trust God in a way I never have before,” 


Many women are in the trenches of oppressive and complex domestic abuse situations. Advocates help her assess the danger level, prepare for and attend court, create a safety plan, assist her church leaders in understanding, and most importantly, help equip her to make her own decisions based on God’s truth. We currently have 70 trained staff and volunteer advocates across the country. In 2021, three times as many women reached out to us requesting an advocate than the previous year. We need to add more professionally trained, full-time advocates across the country to our team. 

Catherine Breaks the Cycle of Generational Abuse

Catherine Breaks the Cycle of Generational Abuse

As told by Catherine, written by Lauren Rose Catherine connected with Priscilla, a Called to Peace Ministries advocate, to help a friend. But as she began talking with Priscilla, her own story spilled out. Physical abuse was heavy at the beginning of our marriage, but it was the spiritual, verbal, and mental abuse at the end that was most intense. Likely because by that point he knew that was where he could get the maximum response and damage - not to mention it keeps the civil authorities out...

“Serena” Finds Peace by Stepping into the Truth

“Serena” Finds Peace by Stepping into the Truth

As told by "Serena," written by Lauren Rose My husband and I had a short dating and engagement period before marriage, a total of nearly a year. During that year, I noticed a few red flags – jealousy, control over friendships, a lack of empathy, and communication problems that resulted in him giving me the silent treatment. I was in denial of the red flags, while my family and friends encouraged me to postpone the marriage and get counseling to work on some of the concerns I saw. When I...