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Giving Tuesday

Join us this GivingTuesday for our version called #CreatingNewTraditionsTuesday.

“It was the first Christmas after leaving my abusive husband.  I had already spent Thanksgiving without my children, so I wanted Christmas to be extra special, but didn’t have money for a tree or presents.  I still have the Christmas tree I received from Called to Peace Ministries.  Every year when my children and I decorate the tree together, we remember our first new Christmas together.  I am so grateful for the love CTPM has shown my family.” – “Mindy”

We are asking supporters to donate $30, $50 or $100 to provide Christmas cheer to women and families who have had to flee or are displaced and trying to start their lives over and who may not have access to a Christmas tree, family ornaments or are just longing to make new traditions with their fresh start. Once a donation is made, we will match the donation amount with a woman from our support group who has requested help this Christmas season and send the gift package to her through Amazon.

Have you ever felt a little lost in this world? The holidays can often exacerbate the pain for women and their children who have endured domestic abuse. When they flee their homes because of domestic abuse it is difficult to leave behind so many hopes and dreams. Often women find themselves longing for the “family” or “marriage” dreams that never came to fruition. The ache can be profound and hollowing. The holidays are especially triggering as a reminder of this loss, bringing pangs of displacement, emptiness, and loneliness.

At Called to Peace Ministries, we want to continue to share the hope that only Christ can provide through His redeeming and restorative power! Join us to help provide a new path, a fresh start for these precious women, as together we give Christmas gift packages to help these survivors feel empowered and enabled to start NEW traditions with their family and friends.

We surveyed the women in our support groups to ask who needed help with Christmas this year and the responses started pouring in.  Hear from some of them below.

How has CTPM impacted your life?

CTPM is the reason I’ve been able to heal from my past experiences and strengthen my relationship with Christ.

CTPM has been a life line for me and has given me the courage to take the steps necessary to gain safety and freedom in my life.

I have only been in the support group a few times so far, but it has made a world of difference in my life. I love that I can be surrounded by ladies with similar circumstances and I have a place where I can safely share my situation and feelings and have people actually believe me. I have just started my journey of healing but I am so thankful to my support group already.

CTPM has given me hope that I can heal and change. The knowledge that I am not alone in my struggle to understand what has been happening to me.

CTPM has helped me immensely. When I began to understand that my now ex was abusive, and I tried to involve the church, you were there to help me. Between the support group, and a few phone calls, you all helped to educate and empower me to keep going. Here I am 2 years later, still learning, still working through everything, but with my eyes continuing to be opened. The stories, the encouragement, the continual pointing to a God who loves and supports and defends are just what I need. Thank you for all you do. I only wish and hope someday to be able to give back or pay it forward.

CTPM has been a beacon of hope to me during a very dark season in my life. I have learned so much regarding how to recognize abusive patterns of behavior and how to respond in a godly way. CTPM helped me to believe the truth that I do, in fact, have great worth to God and that He cares about my children and me much more than I could have ever imagined.

I can’t even express what CTPM has meant to me personally. The validation that this was not all in my head was priceless. The support groups have been huge to hear from other women in similar situations and realize I am not alone. The CTPM resources have blessed my children and I many times. God has used Joy’s situation and brought beauty from ashes and I know He will do the same for us. Thank you!

CTPM has been so supportive. When I found Called to Peace, I was desperate for a group with Christian values. All the resources around me were secular and I had no Idea how to filter what they were saying through my faith. Called to Peace helped me do that!

I have not felt comfortable sharing online about my situation. I recently left an abusive situation.  I just filed for a protective order to be approved and have a lawyer who is walking me through things. It will be a rough holiday season as this will be our first away from my abusive husband, and will have to be trusting God entirely to provide as he has so wonderfully so far.  Your community has already been a blessing to me in that I have been able to read posts and see that I am not alone, that others have gone through the same thing. Thank you for being there!

Being connected with a trained advocate who helped me see truth and affirmed my experience as real has been invaluable to me. Especially after having been dismissed by church counselors and well-meaning friends. Also being part of a support group has been amazing. I no longer feel alone as if no one understands what I’m going through. God has ministered to me through these ladies who are suffering so greatly in their own ways and yet continue to cling to His word.

It has connected me to a group of strangers I am blessed to now call friends at a time when I have no one else. And has provided wisdom, advice and prayer and even practical support.

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