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“Every year I hoped/prayed that I could get through Christmas without tears. Every year, I was insulted, lied to, and abused – the tears flowed. My hope!…My prayer!…My plea!…Is for my sons and I to begin a new tradition this year. Please, please, God…let this be the start of HAPPY HOLIDAYS.”   

A Survivor who will be receiving a Christmas gift card

The holiday season can often be a time of loneliness and isolation for women who have suffered from domestic abuse. While many celebrate and spend time with their families, women who have lived through domestic abuse feel their pain and loss magnified. The family-focused activities often remind them of their losses and dreams for their families. When they flee their homes because of domestic abuse, they leave behind so many hopes and dreams of a family life that will never come to fruition. The ache can be profound and hollowing, bringing pangs of displacement and emptiness, especially during the holiday season. The struggle of finances hinders many from being able to provide Christmas for their children adding to their disappointment and broken hopes.  

At Called to Peace Ministries, we want to continue to share the hope that only Christ can provide through His redeeming and restorative power! Join us this GivingTuesday for our version called #CreatingNewTraditionsTuesday. Join us to help provide a fresh start for these precious women as together we give Christmas gift cards to help survivors feel empowered and enabled to begin NEW traditions with their families. 

Our goal is to provide 75 women with a $100 gift card to help them with their fresh start

Through your $100, $50, or $25 donation, we will match your gift to a woman from our support groups or advocacy program who has been identified as most needing assistance this Christmas season to start a new tradition. 

Our goal is to raise $7,500 between November 22nd and December 1st to provide 75 $100 gift cards to serve the women who have been identified by our support group and advocacy leaders that most need assistance to have a fresh start this Christmas season. 

Through the $100 gift they will be able to provide a Christmas meal for their families, purchase Christmas gifts for their children, or start new Christmas traditions with their families.  


Donate today to give a gift of hope and redemption to a woman in our support groups or our advocacy program who needs assistance in creating something NEW this Christmas season.