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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Every October is a National Month educating and raising awareness of domestic violence which affects millions of individuals of every race, religion, culture and status.

Throughout October, learn how to identify what domestic abuse looks like, obstacles many women and families face, especially during COVID-19 and how to find true hope and healing. We will also highlight the long term effects of domestic violence and identify the lies that can often feel like the truth in the midst of the trauma.

Have you personally lived through the hurt and hopelessness that can come from domestic violence? Do you know someone who has?

Chances are, you do…. 1 in 3 women reports having experienced some form of domestic violence (NCADV). Learn how you can find healing or help the one woman out of three in your life who has been impacted.

Journey with us throughout October as we seek to bring awareness, education, and healing and restoration for women and families who have been affected by domestic violence during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Throughout the month please consider how you can partner with CTPM to care for the 1 woman out of 3 in your life!

Help us reach our NEEDED fundraising goal of $40,000 this month to continue to meet the increasing need from women and families who reach out to us for help during the Covid19 season. 

A generous donor has supplied us with a $15,000 MATCHING GRANT so every dollar given will be doubled.  

How You Can Get Involved

Let this month be an opportunity for you to share your voice, your story, and your passion for awareness and education surrounding domestic abuse. Join our crowdfunding campaign!  Anyone who raises over $300 will receive an awesome t-shirt!  Click to get your CROWDFUNDING TOOLKIT!

Schedule of Special Events

Every Monday check our Facebook page as we count down the Top 10 Myths of Domestic Abuse, 2 per Monday all month!
Every Thursday join us live on our Facebook page as Joy interviews domestic abuse experts

Oct 1 (Thurs) : Open House    Come meet us at our new office! 7-9pm
Oct 3 (Sat) : Open House   Come meet us at our new office! 3-5pm
Oct 6 (Tue): REPLAY Join Joy and Amber on the Steve Noble Show
Oct 8 (Thurs): REPLAY 12pm Live on Facebook with Joy and Julie Owens: Understanding and Responding to Domestic Abuse
Oct 15 (Thurs): 12pm Live on Facebook with Joy and Darby Strickland
Oct 22 (Thurs):12pm Live on Facebook with Joy and Dr. Debra Wingfield: Legal Issues with Domestic Abuse
Oct 29 (Thurs): 12pm Live on Facebook with Joy and Chris Moles

How Your Church Can Get Involved

One in three women have been impacted by domestic violence at some point in their lives. That means it has or is happening in your church! Join with Called to Peace Ministries as we recognize National Domestic Violence Awareness Month throughout the month of October. All month we will focus our attention on educating and creating awareness surrounding the challenges that women and families experience who are trapped in domestic violence.

Are you ready to face this problem when it happens in your church? Does your congregation have a safe place to share if abuse is happening in their marriage?

Pinwheels for Peace

Celebrate, honor, or remember someone you love this October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Submit your tribute below along with your donation and we will share your story anonymously and place a pinwheel on display in their honor.  (Real names used with permission only).

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