Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Join with Called to Peace as we recognize National Domestic Violence Awareness Month throughout the month of October. All month long we will focus our attention on educating and creating awareness surrounding the challenges that women and families experience who are trapped in domestic abuse.

Learn how to identify what domestic abuse looks like, how to find true hope and healing. We will also highlight the long term effects of domestic violence and identify the lies that can often feel like the truth in the midst of the trauma. 


Have you personally lived through the hurt and hopelessness that can come from domestic violence? Do you know someone who has? I bet you do…. 1 in 3 women report having experienced some form of domestic violence. Learn how to heal, help others and stop the cycle from repeating. 


Journey with us through the month of October as we seek to bring healing and restoration for women and families who have been affected by domestic violence. 

REPLAY LIVE:  What is Domestic Abuse?
What are some Myths regarding Domestic Abuse?

REPLAY LIVE:  Obstacles that victims face and what CTPM is doing to overcome those obstacles.

This interview with "Leigh" describes how spiritual abuse can play a role in domestic violence.

Top legal tips for a survivor of domestic abuse.
Also, learn about a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY to raise awareness in your community and honor the lives of domestic abuse victims.

Check back often as we update this page through October with links to:

Interviews with Experts
Interviews with Survivors
Campaign Updates
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