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Called to Peace Support Group Leader Curriculum

Welcome to the CTPM Support Group Leader Curriculum & Bonus Resources page!  We are so excited you are interested in learning how to effectively lead a support group using the Called to Peace Companion Workbook by Joy Forrest.
~This page is currently being redesigned so keep checking back for updates~
What you will find below is:
*Suggested Guide and Information on Leading a CTPM affiliated support group.
*Support Group Leader Forum Lesson Videos- replays of our forum class videos including Q&A classes
*Sample Classes- supplemental video lessons(for lessons 1-7) and audio recordings of the lesson portion of a previous support group.
*Bonus Material: other helpful videos, resources

Guide to Starting your own CTPM Affiliated Support Group

1. Watch the lesson videos through form class 3
2. Listen to sample lessons 1-3 in audio or video format
3. Read the workbook lessons 1-3
4. After completing steps 1-3, download this Readiness Assessment and email it to Naomi Jubilee for an onboarding interview.
5. If you start a group before finishing all the lessons, stay ahead of your group lessons, and don’t forget about the available support from fellow leaders in the Facebook group and bonus materials and resources available below or our on CTPM Resources page.

Required Materials: Called to Peace Companion Workbook by Joy Forrest

Supplemental Materials: Called to Peace: A Survivor’s Guide to Hope and Healing After Domestic Abuse by Joy Forrest
In the Video Lesson Descriptions will be links to files referenced in a particular video (This is a work in progress)


Support Group Leader Curriculum Lessons

Introduction to Workbook

Instructions for workbook use and overview of Lesson 1: The Path to Healing.
Suggested Bonus Materials: Workbook Intro & Overview

Forum Class 1: Introduction to Workbook

Do’s & Don’ts for working with victims, groups rules review and other important considerations.
YouTube Playlist: Understanding Domestic Abuse
Grounding Techniques Video

Forum Q&A 1

Description coming soon

Class 2 Forum: Lessons 1& 2

Lessons 1, 2 & mentions 4 (trauma)– be sure to review lesson 4 before you begin your classes.

Forum Class 3: Lessons 3-4 Healing & Overcoming Trauma for Leaders

How to teach lessons 3 & 4 of workbook

Forum Class 4: Workbook Lessons 5 & 6

Description coming soon

Q&A 2

submission & divorce, icebreaker questions, triggering members, difficulties with group member dynamics

Forum Class 5: Workbook Lessons 7,8,9 

How to teach lessons 7,8,9 of workbook

Q&A 3 Roleplay 

1st year of support group leader students roleplay a support group session on managing your emotions(lesson 7 in workbook)

Forum Class 6: Workbook Lessons 10,11,12

description coming

Q&A 4

description coming soon

Forum Class 7: Workbook Lessons 13,14, 15, 16

description coming soon

Forum Q&A 5

General Advice,  liability insurance for groups? Distinguishing between counseling, therapy, or advocacy and this study. Self-care, Childhood wounds and how they affect where the person is now

Support Group Leader Sample Lessons

These are a combination of audio and video recordings.  The audios were recorded from a live support group (lesson portion only) and the videos were recorded as if Joy were speaking to a support group.  These are helpful as supplements to the forum curriculum section.  Currently we have videos for lessons 1-7 and audios for lessons 1, and 6-16 plus bonus workbook lessons.  If we have both a video and audio for a lesson, the additional audio link will be in the description.

Lesson 1 Video

Sample Lesson & Overview of group rules. If you’re doing this in a group, please listen.
Audio on Lesson one with group rules overview.

Lesson 2: Telling Yourself the Truth

no audio currently available

Lesson 3: Our Divine Resources for Healing

no audio currently available

Lesson 4: Overcoming Trauma

no audio available currently

Lesson 5: Knowing God

no audio currently available

Lesson 6: Knowing your Worth

Lesson 6 Audio: Finding your Worth in God

Lesson 7: Managing Your Emotions

Audio Lesson 7: Overcoming Negative Emotions

Lesson 8: Overcoming Fear

Recorded Spring 2018

Lesson 9: Dealing with Anger

Lesson 10: Dealing with Sadness

Lesson 11: The Power of Disengagement

Lesson 12: Understanding Forgiveness

Lesson 13: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Lesson 14: Overcoming Shame

Lesson 15: Finding Beauty in Suffering

Lesson 16: Worship Him 

Supplemental Lesson: Loving your Enemy

Supplemental Lesson: Is it Sexual Abuse?

Supplemental Lesson: The Power of Community in Healing

Supplemental Lesson: Characteristics and Tactics of Toxic People

Support Group Leader Bonus Materials & Resources

Workbook Intro & Overview

In this session from our spring Free Indeed conference, Joy explains the best way to use the workbook, along with cautions for dealing with PTSD and foundational principles for healing.