Workbook Intro & Overview

In this session from our spring Free Indeed conference, Joy explains the best way to use the workbook, along with cautions for dealing with PTSD and foundational principles for healing.

Lead a Group: Join our Forum

Are you ready to lead a group? This info session introduces our upcoming forum for leaders with do's and don'ts for potential leaders.

Sample Lesson & Group Rules

Sample Lesson & Overview of group rules. If you're doing this in a group, please listen.

Class 1: Introduction to Workbook

Instructions for workbook use and overview of Lesson 1: The Path to Healing. 

Lessons 1 & 2: The Path to Healing & Telling Yourself the Truth

Lesson 3: Our Divine Resources for Healing

Lesson 4: Overcoming Trauma

Lesson 6: Knowing your Worth

Lesson 8: Overcoming Fear

Recorded Spring 2018

Lesson 5: Knowing God

Lesson 7: Managing Your Emotions

Lesson 9: Dealing with Anger

Lesson 10: Dealing with Sadness

Lesson 11: The Power of Disengagement

Lesson 12: Understanding Forgiveness

Lesson 13: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Lesson 15: Finding Beauty in Suffering

Lesson on Overcoming Shame

Lesson 16: Worship Him 

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