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Free Training:
Oct 15th, 


Don't miss our special daylong workshop with Chris Moles & Joy Forrest on developing a domestic violence policy and response team for your church. (CLICK HERE)

This introductory training with leaders of Called to Peace Ministries will provide resources and information on understanding the dynamics of spousal abuse, as well as best practices for responding wisely and biblically. Participants will gain knowledge and tools to help them recognize domestic abuse,as well as resources to help them protect victims and hold abusers accountable. 


Protect the Flock meets throughout the year to network and address the growing problem of domestic abuse in the church.  


Joy Forrest (Executive Director, Called to Peace Ministries) will be discussing how to recognize domestic abuse and make a plan to respond to it.
Jim Upchurch (Pastor, Christ Church Rolesville) will share what pastors should know about domestic abuse and how they can partner with Called to Peace for better outcomes.

Richard Waugaman, (Attorney, Lesnik Law Firm) will address legal considerations and best practices in regard to the law.


Registration is open to pastors, ministry leaders and other people helpers.

Statistics indicate that one in four women in our churches will experience domestic abuse at some point. These situations `are generally very complex, and without proper knowledge, well-meaning helpers can easily do more harm than good. One only need to watch the news to see that overall our churches have not responded well. Scripture is clear that God's heart is for the oppressed, and that church leaders are charged with caring well for His sheep (See Ezekiel 34 and Jeremiah 23). Let us help equip you to do just that. Called to Peace Ministries is dedicated to help improve church responses through advocacy and education. We hope you will join us.

Breakfast will be provided. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

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