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Beyond Resolutions to Full Surrender

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Devotionals


Lord, it’s a new year and suddenly my life has changed dramatically. Mom entered glory early morning on 12/28. Oh how I will miss her, yet my joy for her helps remove the grief. Thank you for the last few months—she was stable, pain-free and happy. She kept us laughing. Now she is basking in the joy of your wonderful presence. I’m jealous of that. Today I find myself exhausted in every single way– physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. The last week has not exactly left many opportunities for much quiet time. I sure hope and pray that I will make quiet time with You a priority in this new year. After reading Mom’s journals I see it was a struggle for her too, but by the final years of her life, she was faithful to read your Word daily—for long stretches of time. I will never forget her holding that extremely heavy Bible open as she lay flat on her back reading for at least an hour each night. She did it up until a few weeks ago when she could no longer read, and then asked others to do it for her. Nina said that on the nights she didn’t read to her, she didn’t sleep as well. Lord, thank You so much for my mother! She was such an example to me! Not that she did everything right, and not that she was anywhere near perfect, but she turned to You, and she learned from her mistakes. She taught me to learn from mine as well. What a sweet blessing she was. I am forever grateful.


Suddenly I have something I haven’t had in years—free time. I am done with school and caring for Mom. I hope and pray this year I will use my time more wisely. You know my desires for ministry. Help me to be disciplined enough to use my time for eternal purposes.


Now as I enter 2014, I surrender my life anew. Fill me with yourself, and use me! I know how ridiculous it is to live apart from You, because I know I can do nothing that way. I am powerless and useless. Please Father, keep me close, and keep me diligent. I am weak, but your strength is made perfect in weakness. Let this new year be one in which I learn to wholly tap into that power and make an eternal difference in this dark world. Amen


My precious child, I appreciate your heart for Me. I am willing and ready to meet you as you daily yield to my leading. Do not be afraid of your weakness. I am with you, and my grace is sufficient to empower you daily. Make time with Me a habit, just as brushing your teeth is a habit. No what happens, you take the time. Not every day will be the same. Some days you will have more time that other days, but you should never skip it and move on. With all of your technology, you can listen to my Word as you drive, you can worship Me in song, and you can pray without ceasing. The key is having a mindset that is focused on Me rather than the demands and distractions of life. This does not mean you can’t take care of the business of life in this world, but it means you are to go about your business with Me guiding each step of the way. As you do that, I will direct you, and your days will be much more productive. Rest in Me. Have you not yet learned that walking in your on own strength only leads to frustration and wasted time? Let Me direct your days. I long to set you free from the chaos you call life and give you abundant life! Wake up each day and seek my face as you would seek a treasure. It will not be time wasted. You will find rest for your soul, strength for your day, and power for ministry. I desire to give these things to you, but they must be received actively. Passivity never accomplishes anything good. Seek the good, the better part that won’t be taken away. Seek my face, and expect miracles.