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“Becca” Found A Peaceful and Stable Home

by | May 2, 2024 | Survivor Stories

Last September I chose to flee from my domestically violent home after enduring 13 years of mental and verbal abuse.  

Let me backup and tell you what led me to that place. Two years previously, my husband who was in seminary to be a pastor decided to turn away from God completely and reject the existence of God.

By the time he graduated from seminary, his interactions with me started to become more threatening and physically abusive. At that point in our marriage I endured the entire spectrum of abuse, along with him having an affair with a teenager. 

God used my husband’s grandparents and two of my close friends to tell me it was time to go. I packed six garbage bags and drove my two-year-old and I to another city to get as far away from him as I could.  A local women’s shelter helped me go into hiding until my parents could get me.

As my daughter and I were hiding, my husband was harassing my family members and friends and driving around searching for my daughter and me. It was an incredibly scary time.  

Shortly after arriving at my parent’s home, they began to realize that I wasn’t ok and needed emotional support. Their church gave me resources to find a biblical counselor, who connected me with Called to Peace Ministries (CTPM). I’m so grateful I found CTPM, it was exactly what I needed.

Through CTPM I was assigned an advocate who walked with me through it all and helped me obtain a protection order for myself. Sadly, my ex was awarded 50/50 custody, despite all the bruises on my daughter’s body as evidence of his abuse. My family and I were devastated. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that she is crying out to our Father for protection when I’m not there.

During this time, I also joined a wonderful Zoom Support Group with ladies around the United States who were going through similar experiences as I was. I found great comfort in their support and care.

Since then we moved into our fourth and final long-term home thanks to Called to Peace Ministries. Their emergency fund gave me one month’s rent to start fresh in the place we call home today. Being able to provide a stable home for my daughter in the midst of all we are walking through has given me such peace and relief.

Thank you, God, thank you Called to Peace Ministries and thank you to those who have been a huge blessing to help me heal from the abuse and live life as a single mom.​