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Susie Horner

Advocate, Intake Team & Hospitality Coordinator

Susie resides on a quiet, mini farm in North Carolina with her family.  While she serves on the Hospitality Team with Called to Peace Ministries (CTPM), Susie has been involved with the ministry in a variety of ways since 2016.  Her journey ministering to the hurting began in her teens and at an early age the Lord allowed her to experience compassion for the brokenhearted.  She sought Emergency Medical First Responder training and has continued as a crisis “first responder” in many avenues encompassing oppression, mental health crisis, domestic abuse/coercive control, spiritual abuse, sexual abuse, anxiety, court support care, trauma, etc. She helped her church develop a church-wide domestic abuse response strategy to secure a safe space to assess and recognize oppression for church families.  She also co-led support groups and continues to invest time with the participants and building relationships. Susie passionately desires to see the church become the greatest vessel of hope and healing for the abused, oppressed, and voiceless.

Susie has received training through seminars and conferences on trauma, mental health, and mentoring women on restoring hope and building short- and long-term goals. She is a certified Professional Life Coach and Mental Health Coach and an Affiliated Advocate with Called to Peace Ministries.  She serves on the CTPM Intake Team strategically helping women grow their own support team by implementing resources to build a plan, restore hope and prioritize self-care.

God has given her and her husband many opportunities to house, serve, and transport mothers and children in need of refuge and support. Her great compassion and awareness of those in need enables her to faithfully pour God’s love and truth into the ones she serves.

She is committed to being a vessel of God’s hope and strength and longs to see “beauty from ashes.” (Isaiah 61:3)