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Porscha Green

Advocate Coordinator

Porscha is a native of Fayetteville, NC and has been living in the RDU area since studying Political Science and Criminal Justice at North Carolina Central University, graduating in 2008. She began her work with children and adolescents in a daycare environment at the age of fourteen and continued even after beginning her college experience.  Porscha was introduced to the mental health field in 2006, as a residential counselor to at-risk girls.  With further interests, she continued to work with young girls, as well as intellectually/developmentally disabled individuals. Upon graduation from college, she became a Certified Associate Family Teacher working with at-risk young boys by teaching them daily and life skills, as well as working with their parents to transition them back into the community and home.  Later, she gained experience working with adults in the community by providing them with guidance to meet their life goals.  

In 2010, Porscha realized that pursuing law school was no longer her passion but she was gifted in counseling and guiding others in overcoming life’s trauma, challenges, and meeting their personal goals. She continued work with families (adults and children in crisis) while becoming a Certified Family Centered Specialist.  The families served were those that were challenged with the lack of structure, experienced loss and/or trauma, parents lacking the skills to manage their household, children facing challenges at school, the children being at-risk of placement outside the home or transitioning back into their home, amongst other things.  

She married Mr. Demetries L. Green in 2011 and together they have influenced the lives of many by ministering through their marriage.  Demetries and Porscha adopted their fur baby, Chance, in 2014. 

Porscha became a Licensed Minister in 2013 and was ordained as an Elder in 2019. For many years, Porscha has ministered to children to adults at her local church and community. 

In 2017, she and a close friend cofounded a Women’s Support and Empowerment Network by the name of F.R.E.E. (FRIENDS REALL ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER) that continues to grow.  Porscha aspires to continue share her gifts and love for people wherever she goes. In 2021, she joined the staff of CTPM as the Advocate Coordinator.