Naomi Jubilee

Executive Assistant & Financial Officer

For Naomi Jubilee, identity is important.  She chose her last name to reflect the life she wants to live: a life of Jubilee as described in the Bible, full of worshipping the Lord through song, dance, seeing captives set free, and relying on God’s provision for her life.  She lives in Garner with her three children, ages 12, 10, and 7 and her dogs, Mandy & Layla.

Naomi came through the support group at Called to Peace at a time in her life when she let fear control her.  She wants to be able to use her story to encourage others on their journeys from victim to survivor as well as helping equip churches and people helpers to better respond when domestic abuse is present.  She is currently enrolled in the Advocacy Training to pursue her new calling in life, becoming a domestic abuse advocate.  She spent many years as a peer counselor with Nursing Mothers of Raleigh and has a huge heart to help others cast down the lies and find their true identity and value in Christ.

Naomi enjoys hiking, singing, and all things artistic.  On any given day, you’ll find her behind the scenes on the CTPM phone line, sorting through e-mails, balancing the books, or designing social media content (or whatever else Joy needs that day).

Naomi holds a BA in Spanish from Mars Hill College and was on track to finish her MDiv in Christian Ministry when her first daughter changed those plans.  She’s been dedicated to raising her three children since, including homeschooling until recently.  She also works as a Bookkeeper.

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Learn the story behind Called to Peace Ministries. Whether you are in an abusive relationship yourself, or desire to help someone else who is suffering from domestic abuse, Joy Forrest offers hope, inspiration, and biblical guidance in her book, Called to Peace.  The workbook provides a scripture-based curriculum for group or individual use.  Learn biblical keys for healing after domestic abuse.


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