Kelsey Locke

Interim Office Assistant

Kelsey is a loving daughter and a loving aunt! Her service dog, Ellie Belle, is always by her side, providing fluffy support. Kelsey’s dedication to God came at a young age and grew stronger through life’s journey. When her mother recognized her father’s behavior to be abusive, she quickly took Kelsey and her brother Christopher out of the toxic environment. Along the way, there were many lawyers, advocates, and friends who supported her family. They were her superheroes with real capes! Kelsey knew from then on that she too wanted to help victims of domestic abuse.

Kelsey is a recent graduate from Meredith College, where she earned a B.A. in history. She spent a season at Appalachian State University, where she served as an educator for the Red Flag Campaign. This group operates as a resource for victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault within the college dating world. She is currently pursuing a paralegal certification through East Carolina University. Kelsey is known for her confidence, optimism, leadership skills, ability to think outside the box, and her capacity to work with others to find a solution. In Jesus’ name, she desires to wear her own cape to help spread love and support to those hurting from abuse. 

Ordering the Book and Workbook

Learn the story behind Called to Peace Ministries. Whether you are in an abusive relationship yourself, or desire to help someone else who is suffering from domestic abuse, Joy Forrest offers hope, inspiration, and biblical guidance in her book, Called to Peace.  The workbook provides a scripture-based curriculum for group or individual use.  Learn biblical keys for healing after domestic abuse.


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