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Dana DeVane Webster

Support Group Coordinator

Dana’s role at Called to Peace Ministries (CTPM) has come about best explained by personal life experience.  As a survivor of domestic abuse, she started in a place where several survivors start: hurting and seeking resources, a safe space in community and biblically sound doctrine to aid in her healing and growth. Her first encounter with CTPM was when she was connected with a CTPM-affiliated advocate.  From there she learned how to become an advocate for others which led to joining a support group, being vetted by a support group leader, to eventually co-leading a support group, and now on staff as the Support Group Coordinator. 

“It has been truly a ‘beauty for ashes journey’ navigating with Jesus in my own life, my children’s lives and standing alongside others with shared experiences.” 


Dana has been able to use the various skills to assist her in her current role today.  In her college years, she was a political science major and aspired to one day become a public defender to those preyed upon by various injustices.  Little did she know that her own life would take a turn and God revealing a new path, she would take a different course of defending and standing with the suffering.  Having a strong Christian upbringing, faith in Jesus has been her strength and guide.  She has been a witness to miraculous growth and transformation not only in her own life but also the lives of her children and countless others coming out of domestic abuse.  

Her professional career started as working for a health insurance company while still in college.  A fifteen-year hiatus from the corporate world as a stay-at-home mother to homeschool and raise her children allowed her time to do more women’s and children’s based ministry leadership work.  After a two decades long difficult marriage and divorce, she has allowed God to use her pain for His purpose.  Now her past experiences along with training from CTPM helps her to become a better advocate, support group leader and ally to other survivors who seek help, hope and validation.


  • CTPM support group coordinator and trainer – Feb 2023 to present
  • CTPM-affiliated advocate – 2021 to present
  • CTPM-affiliated support group leader – 2020 to present
  • Women’s ministry Bible Study leader at her local church (church partner) – 2006 to present
  • MOPS mentor mom – 2017 to 2020
  • Crisis Coach with H.O.P.E. Ministries – 2021 to present
  • Learning to become a certified life coach/trauma coach
  • Former Next Gen Administrative Assistant for Kids, Youth and College Pastors at her local church – 2020 to 2023
  • Former homeschool instructor and administrator – 2010 to 2021