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Real Testimonials From Real Individuals

“I have been watching the videos from the Wisdom Calls conference and just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone working in this field through Called to Peace. I am so thankful that all of you are providing such wise, Biblical insight and practical counsel. Your ministry is a tremendous blessing and fills a huge need in the life of our family!”
Dan Boeck, Associate Pastor of Youth & Families. Indiana
““I have so much more hope of complete recovery from domestic Violence through the support of this ministry’s group all the emotional, spiritual, physical guidance I never had before. I am so grateful for Joy and her staff made up of mostly volunteers who care.””
"Ashley". North Carolina
““As a former pastor’s wife, walking away meant I lost my financial support and community, along with being brokenhearted, but CTPM was a beacon of light in a dark time in my life.””
"Tina". North Carolina

*names have been changed to protect the individuals