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ONE woman in 3 will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime. (World Health Organization)

Do you know her? Do you know her story… will you help her? Is she your sister, your mom, a friend or neighbor? Maybe it’s even you.

Join Called to Peace Ministries in October as we recognize National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We will focus our attention on educating, equipping, and creating awareness surrounding the challenges that women and children impacted by domestic abuse experience. 



Join our Crowdfunding Movement

Create you personal fundraising page to share your passion and story with your network to raise money to help end domestic violence.


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Watch for live interviews with experts throughout the month.



 Partner with us to raise $135,000, so we can continue to serve survivors, church leaders and people helpers who reach out to us.


Download a Domestic Violence Awareness Month Church kit

This kit will help pastors and leaders educate their congregations on identifying abuse.


Attend our Domestic Violence Awareness Candlelight Vigil,

Honor survivors of domestic abuse on Tuesday, Oct 18th from 8-9PM (Eastern Daylight Time) .

Who is your ONE in 3?

Partner with us by giving a generous donation to honor the story of the ONE woman in three in your life so together we can continue to offer hope & healing.

“My marriage quickly became part of many twisting mind games, tearing down who I was.”

Read more about Christy’s story and how Called to Peace Ministries helped.